Saturday 4 September 2021

MORAL INFLATION IN NIGERIA AND ITS SURROGATE CALLED CORRUPTION: From the Perspective of an experience in Nigerian Banks

Since Covid-19, Nigerian banks have been littered with gross trooping of Humans, young and old who want to solve their banking problems.

Pending issues during the Covid-19 lock down and restrictions have left banks with heap of solutions to deploy to customers with sorts of cash and money issue in relation to Nigerian banks. Hence, The banking premises have been unusually crowdy as a ripple effect. 

Going to the banks now, like going to telecoms offices is a pain in the boobs.

As a damage control of this Covid's Ripple Effect, Banks decided to organize how the crowd troop...

No longer can any human wake one day and decides he wants to enter the bank without going through a filtering system that works like a sort of Crowd Control pill for the Naturally Impatient Average Nigerian.. 

This is a big test to the Delayed-Gratification Quotient of the Nigerian Masses, and who would survive this depends on many things, Including the usual: "Connection" and an ability to pimp pockets with Figo, wazo or MTN cards.

By design, Subjecting Nigerians to a systemic queue but guaranteed progress is treasonable to their self-assigned personal Sovereignty. It's an insult to their personhood. And in bit seconds, they think of the fences they need to scale.

This justifiably so, because if they don't feel that way, they would be marginalized, minorized and dehumanized.

The process of avoiding to be a victim of this collective psycho-culture is what ensued into what we call CORRUPTION.

Most likely, success is not determined by the systems, it's determined by how the humans maintaining the system feel. And their feeling depends on the kind of romance they get from those who understand the urgency of their basic emotional and economical needs.

Systems are supposed to weaken people's personal interest, and  empower processes so the emotions and Sentiments of human flesh do not outweigh the importance of process which actually leads to results...

However, in The Nigerian context, systems empower people's personal interests and weakens process.

So, the humans at the chains of the process of a system assume power positions and what works is determined by them and no longer by the process.

Hold on, I'd tell you the story, but I need to create a philosophical basis for this story, else it becomes another rant by an angry Nigerian. So hold on with the long talks, and read every word if you will.

Here's a perfect instance.

A security personnel who works in the chain of the system that controls crowd in a Bank for instance becomes a power bloc in the system's chain, and he most likely would use this power to fulfill, not the bank's basic needs, but his own basic needs.

Likewise, the neighbor of this security personnel. He's also powerful. He shares directly in the power of the security personnel. So long he's in the good books of the security personnel.

It doesn't end there, those who are also able to quickly form a little power block within the crowd through the agency of the security personnel also share in his power.

As this power which ought to be wielded by the process get transferred to humans on the basis of relationships (new or old), the process gets weaker and systems becomes grossly compromised, thereby, crippling the productivity index of that day.

As a result, the strong in the mix are no longer those who appeal to the system and its due process, the strong becomes those who appeal to the security personnel.. Either via emotional and relational bond, or via economic bond.

This sought of bonds can be created with stuffs as little as MTN card.

I'm only using the crowd control aspect of this chain as the case study for this analysis. Don't forget it doesn't end there. You still have to deal with those paid monthly to solve your problems when you get to enter the bank. If at all you do.

Now, the transfer, distribution and deployment of the power of a System amongst these humans bring up another critical element in the corruption Mix. The Element of "Cabalism".

Like I always discuss, there are cabals everywhere and it takes seconds in Nigeria to form cabals.

The formation and deployment of cabal is a core human strategy. It is a political instinct docile in every human and Nigerians especially understand how to wield this core human weaponry.

Everyone has a Cabal and every single Nigerian is a Beneficiary of a Cabal.

Hence, it is unnecessary judging people who use their connection with those at the maintenance bloc of systems to get what they want. It's a Political case and barely a Moral issue. And there's no point trying to Moralize Politics, else, everyone must burn in Hell by the next Dawn, including YOU. 

I said all these first to dissect the issue so when you read, you don't judge but reflect. Because in several instances, you've cabalized.

On several Occasions, you've Cabalized your way through many systems. And it doesn't matter where you engage your own cabalism..

Whether at Aso Rock or in Your Family Meetings. It's the same case

Karma then is when you end up in a bank where you have no Cabal base, hence marginalized, and you stand up to call for Justice and Booooooom, the Crowd whose native intelligence is purely pro-cabal lynches you, embarrasses you and drags you in the mud.

You were Karmared..

"Justice is the defense of the weak against the strong." 

What that means in pure term is: there's injustice only when you're the victim. Where you're weak. If you had the connection, you'd also engage the banks from your bedroom or if you'd be kind enough to walk into the banks in spite of your connections, you'd walk through the crowd, boycott the queue and land yourself on the chair of an Attendant.

It sucks when it's not you who had such power. You fight!

So let me mention exactly what happened at the bank... 

To control the Covid Induced Crowd, the system created by the banks is to assign a limited number per day to customers who have problems to solve. And when the numbers are exhausted, you either go home or get locked outside the gate until the sun sets.

To ensure this system works, what is required from you is to get to the bank as early as possible.. Get your own number before the numbers are all assigned and numerically take turns until it's your turn.

Literally, you have to leave you home as early as you can, approach your bank, meet the security personnel, state your intentions and mission in the bank and get a number. 

To use this number only requires basic mathematics: Like knowing that 13 comes before 14 and 20 is next to 19.


It's that simple. But I'll leave what Nigerians have done with this simple system to your Imagination.

Or what you yourself have done with this system over the last couple of months to your conscience. 

Now, Pretending that you're not a culprit and you don't know what I'm talking about. Let me proceed. 

I'm blown away by The Creativity of Nigerians at fucking this systems up.

Let me cut it all short..

Niggas wake up daily as early as 5am, go to banks, collect numbers and sell them to late comers. E choke you? 

Well, I just described to you A Multi-million naira venture running at banks now. (Permit my creative exaggeration. I mean lots of money is being made with this daily.)

This was busted yesterday when a young woman, clearly frustrated by the system which was supposed to be perfect but now crippled. 

She got there early but she was told numbers have finished.

She persisted and waited. Only to discover that those who came hours after her have numbers.

How? She raised alarm and two things were figured out:

1. Some people sell numbers. Citizens who don't work in the bank.

And 2. Some people, after using their numbers to get in, when they are done and leaving, dash their numbers to their cabal mates.

When this was busted, the security personnel feigned innocence.

They sent everyone out, and everyone turned to the woman and started insulting her..

They started insulting her.

For standing for what is right...

But, did she actually stand for what is right?

Or she felt bad because she was weak in the mix and her only strategy is to scatter everything.

It all then reminds me of the popular Nigerian Punchline: "Ehn.. Politicians only give contracts to their friends and family.. Wicked people." 

My question: "Would it be the same if you were the friend and family?" 

"If dem give you contract, you go reject am?" 

"Ẹni ìfà ò t'ọ́sí, lónpè ní Haram" "Person wey follow chop loot no Dey call am loot, hìn go call am food". 

Did I just justify corruption?


I only Described Corruption.

My take? 

No matter what we say and tell each other:

"Everyone will live as far as their conscience permits"

By Itunuoluwa E. Adel Snr

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