Monday 27 September 2021

Weekly Reflection

We are all cut from the same genetic cloth; there is no ladder defining the direction towards which to head; evolutionism & social darwinism are victorian obsolete, toxic and harmful ideologies at the origin of atrocities committed in the world; every culture is a survival strategy; not all cultures share the same standards, perception, aspirations, beliefs, ideas, intuitions but all are endowed with the same creative potential; we are all on the same boat, facing the same challenges but above all we share, in spite of very necessary differences [which make the world a more colorful place] the desire for the best for our families, loved ones, communities and nations,....If we do not learn our lessons & understand that what binds us together is much stronger that what separates us, there is no much hope.

Igi kan ko le da 'gbo se - A single tree does not make a forest.

In our differences lies our strength nor our weakness. We are the nations of Air, fire, water and Earth and as such we all should and therefore must learn from each other in order to attain greater heights of awareness, understanding, and wisdom; by refusing to, we become rigid, static, sterile, and stale [with all its implications]. We are collectively faced with the choice to either evolve [by producing structural changes (inner engineering) and redefining the relationships that we maintain with ourselves, others and Nature (as the entire web of life from which we are but more grains of sand in a vast desert)] or fall together as stated in the following proverb: aikowoorin ejo nii sek pa won lokookan - "snakes are easily killed because of their failure to operate as one (a group)".

Àsùwàdà Institute

Oluwo Fatoogun.

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