Saturday 25 September 2021

Master Your Own Odu

Everyone was born with an Odu. Every situation, event or circumstance has an Odu. It is your birthmark, it is the spiritual and physical map of your existence in the universe.

No matter how talented, gifted or psychic anybody claims he or she is, ONLY IFA knows your Odu, Ori, and your Orisas. ONLY IFA knows all and who sees all. No one and nothing else.

Ifa encourages us to seek out knowledge and wisdom, seek out different babalawos, in different places till your Ori, your egbes, Orisa and Eguns lead you to the right person(s) in the right place.

The skills, knowledge and experience of babalawos will be different from one Yoruba town to the next, so expecting any Babalawo or Olorisa to be your saviour, you will be grossly disappointed. Orunmila travelled to many Yoruba towns, met many other Babalawos and expanded his knowledge and experiences. No Babalawo has any power over or in anyone’s life.

Success is a journey and not a destination, if you do not come across, lying, cheating, deceiving, clueless and incompetent babalawos and Olorisas, how can you tell the difference, how can you learn, how can you grow in knowledge and wisdom? Only through experience, trials, errors, cheating, pain and disappointments.

A journey of knowledge, wisdom, peace and protection and prosperity with Orunmila isn’t a bed of roses nor for the faint hearted either. 

Ire gbogbo


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