Tuesday 14 September 2021


In our typical African society, a man nearing or already over 60 years of age is classified as  an elder. And our society expects much from an elder. He isn't expected to just be advanced in age (60+), but also in wisdom. And most importantly, he must already be self-sustained, if not outrightly wealthy!

He ought to be a BIG MAN already. Amongst the expectations demanded from the Big Man are the following:

•He must be a landlord with one or two houses on  his list of properties.

•He must have at least two cars.

•He must have domestic staff:



✓Gate man/Guard, etc.

When he fulfills all these societal criteria, he must also prove himself as such with extra outwardly signs:

•He must have a pot belly

•He must be seen at Social Clubs

•He must spray money at parties, at least once or twice a month.

And there are certain things he must already be above.

He must:

•Not walk on the road with his legs any longer.

•Not wash his car by himself.

•Not iron his clothes by himself.

•Not work in his garden.

The Big Man must fulfill all these to become accepted as such. And yet, the same society wonders why it is becoming common for most men to die in their 60s nowadays. These Big Men themselves wonder why they can't satisfy their wives any longer.

And Doctors are now used to the fact that it is normal for Big Men to have both hypertension and diabetes. To have both Insomnia and erectile dysfunction!

O ye Big Man!

Listen to the voice of wisdom and free yourself from unnecessary demands/expectations from a deluded society! You simply have to, if you want to exempt yourselves from sicknesses and early death.

In the Estate where I live, 80% of the houses are now owned by wives, though built by husbands.

Where are the husbands? They were Big Men, and now they are Late Men! Listen, Mr Big Man, you are looking for different remedies to make you perform better in bed.

You want to enjoy an hour or so of 'bedmatics' yet you are not bothered that you aren't fit enough to spend 30 minutes doing gymnastics.

You can't even do 30 minutes of brisk walking any longer! My dear Big Man, even the best of such "Manpower" remedies won't work for you!

I keep telling my Big Men patients:

If you can't climb a set of steps to the top floor of a 3-storey building without pausing to catch your breath or bending over to breathe deeper, you have no right to expect more than 2 minutes of 'bedmatics' enjoyment.

Have you noticed how your heart rate escalates, with your heart pumping audibly after an ejaculation?Yeah, that is a pointer to the fact that you are unfit!

Using sex performance-enhancing medications may lead to some serious health conditions like a sudden stroke or a heart attack.

Do you know that most Big Men that were reported to have died peacefully during their sleep actually died on top of women? Let's change our orientation.

Let's become Big Men full of wisdom borne out of life's experiences.

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