Monday 20 September 2021

The Colonizers

Egypt is a country which is completely dominated by the colonizers. They are the keepers of the physical realm and distracts to what our ancestors left for us to discover, remember and reveal.

I’m learning so much by what isn’t being said. I have to ask or even push for the truth to be offered in the stories of history. It’s clear that tourist are the bread and butter of the ancient land and rightfully so. There is not much else here to see. Except the people, when they are not working for the tourist dollars are kind and genuine.

It’s so good to know some of Egypt’s history. Conquered by the Greeks, Roman’s and Turks, not in that order. Then the Europeans came to steal and claim everything and burned the library of Alexandria entirely, they could then retell the story in their image. They have actually stolen the story and history of Kemet, the Blacks which created and built most everything which currently can’t be explained or duplicated.

Everything atrophies. Stories, culture and power. It must all take a farewell bow eventually. Kemet had it’s turn thousands of years ago. And there is a colossal effort to keep Kemet and her true identity buried. 

The good news is, the information is in our cells. Being in these temples I can feel my power returning to me in ways only those who carry the DNA can access. The activation is real.

Black women, and specifically those in the west who built America, are heirs to the power of Kemet. That’s why we built America. The DNA of Kemet carries through our blood lines. We know it and can feel it. And we must learn to trust it. To step out into it.

These temples matter in that they show us who we truly are. They remind us to remember. The urgings begin subtly and then grow to piercing call which won’t allow you to fit into old containers. The information is held in our breathing, beating hearts and blood. It’s in our babies.

We are living at a time where the old guard is attempting to dominate our minds. They don’t want us to know we can heal ourselves by undoing beliefs which make us susceptible to frequencies of illness. But illness starts in the mind and can be realigned by freeing yourself from the western mindset. These western systems do not have the solutions for anything that would help us thrive. As a matter of fact our ignorance helps them thrive. It is not in your benefit for them to ever tell us the truth. But the truth is in our cells. It’s on the walls in the temples here in Egypt, we built thousands of years ago, long before the Greeks, Romans and Islamic arrived.

I’ve studied history my entire life. From the Bible to Potomac and it’s all bullshit. Absolutely trash! Worthless, except to say there must be some reason the entire world works so hard to write the founders of human race out of of own story. There must be a reason!!!

In metaphysical communities it’s common knowledge that there’s Egypt in Africa and then there’s America which is also Egypt. The Slaves of America are the only slaves which are proven. There’s actually no proof there were slaves in Egypt building pyramids. The stories we were told of Moses and had been adapted from our story. And it’s an act of war to speak the truth. Stories have been overlapped, meanings transferred, even entire cultures co-opted and transferred over generations. I won’t go into all of that here but to say people are living identities which culturally or biologically authentic. It would be as if in 1000 years giraffes are called ants and ants are called buffalo.

I encourage you to find quiet time and call your memory home to you. Speak to your cells and call your power back to you. Ask your higher self to help you get home to your true self. Because the energy and power is real. It’s undeniable. It doesn’t need to be legislated, or agreed upon by anyone but the you. The wind will begin to bend for you. The earth will shift on your behalf. The magic and energy that comes from you will so clear you won’t need anyone to affirm you. Decolonization of the mind is all that needed. Give yourself reparations and stop waiting on folks to give what actually can’t given. You either know who the fuck you are and the universe will affirm it, or you’re aligned with western man games.

Choose ye this day.

By Monique Ruffin

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