Sunday 26 September 2021

How is the Bible and the Koran not considered Idols, but Ifá is considered an Idol?

The Bible is the final authority for the belief of the Christian. The Koran is the final authority for the belief of the Muslim, the Ifá is the final authority for the belief of the Onifa.

The misconception comes, I believe, from not being able to separate IFÁ: The Word from IFÁ: The Icon (The Ikin). Ifá is the scripture of the Onifa, while Ikin Ifá is the physical conduit through which the living word Ifá can be summoned (opened) concerning a particular situation. IFÁ is the mind of Olódùmare which is ever living and ever active. It remains the same as it has been from the beginning of Olódùmarè (if Olódùmarè has a beginning) and it will remain so unending (in the belief that Olódùmarè cannot end). To know Olódùmarè's mind concerning a matter, the process of Idafa is done through the sounding of the Ikin. Ifá can be referenced anytime for sermons or admonition purposes.

The one who believes in the Bible is called a Christian, the one who believes in the Koran is called a Muslim, these two people are regarded as Worshiping the creator God but the one who believes in Ifá is called an Idol worshipper by these two sects. Why?

This is one of the evidence of misinformation.

The Christian Bible believers believe in Jehovah/Yahweh as the Creator God, the Muslim Koran believers believe in Allah as the creator God, both of these sects have a mutual respect for each other as serving the same God in different ways but their disposition changes when it comes to the Ifá believers who believe Olódùmarè as revealed in Ifá as the creator God.

The Christians believe that Jesus christ is the one who brought the message of the creator God, the Muslims believe that Mohammed is the one who brought the message of the creator God, the Onifa believes that it is Ọ̀rúnmìlà and other Irunmoles who brought the message of the creator God.

One evidence of misinformation or should I say deliberate dishonesty on the part of these two sects is that both of them acknowledge Olódùmarè as the creator God. The Christians especially, use this name in their praises of the Bible God but they do not acknowledge that the name Olódùmarè as attributed to the creator God was from the Odu of Ifá and not a translation of any concept from their own Bible. They picked the name Olódùmarè to use but ignore the revelator of the said name which is Ọ̀rúnmìlà and the source which is Ifá.

It can be understandable if over the years there are young Christians and Muslims of Yoruba extractions who do not know these things that I have written up here, but in this information age, efforts must be made at correcting these notions in order to promote peaceful coexistence as well as guarantee religious liberty to the Onifa who would love to worship Olódùmarè through Ifá without having to deal with the stigmatization that comes with this unfortunate misinformation that paints an Onifa as one who worships a lesser God.

OLÓDÙMARÈ is the Creator God in Ifá, the worship and all rites performed to the Irunmoles by the Onifa are sanctioned by Olódùmarè. This should be understood and respected by all.

By Ayobami Ogedengbe.

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