Tuesday 21 September 2021

Obedience (Ìgbọràn) is better than sacrifice (Ebo Rírú)

Obedience of one's Òrìsà within is the most important, that is the part in one, that is interested in awakening and tells one to be present and remember oneself. 

Your intellect feeds on every trash you always take in, stop taking thing's that doesn't benefits your Òrìsà within in again.

Your intellect will either be not interested or actively obstructing efforts to remember the Òrìsà within. For this reason, one has to be very firm and not allow any thoughts to take one away from this effort.

Do not do the ritual/sacrifice if you know you won't obey the messages, warnings therein for every ritual materials have their own messages to pass to you on that particular situation. Embrace their messages. It is their own Ifá messages to you. 

Ẹbọ Rírú is very basic and symbolic, it never release you from the shackles of your situations. Your adherence to the messages that comes with it is the most important. The ẹbọ is just an extra. Focus on the work you need to do not the ritual as such. If you can't do the work, leave the ritual alone.

To obey the messages and do the ritual is the best far from better but what we see nowadays is the fast track to spiritual souls CLEANSING. It can't work.

Fi eti sílẹ, be very attentive and take every words serious before the ritual. Your freedom lies therein. 

Peace & Enlightenment.

Baba Olusegun Daramola

@Order Of Ifa

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