Wednesday 9 August 2023

Tenkamenin - The last King and ruler of the kingdom Ghana (1037 to 1076 AD)

The kingdom of Ghana reached the height of its greatness during the reign of Tenkamenin. Through his careful management of the gold trade across the Sahara desert into West Africa, Tenkamenin’s empire flourished economically.

But his greatest strength was in government. Each day he would ride out on horseback and listen to the problems and concerns of his people. He insisted that no one be denied an audience and that they be allowed to remain in his presence until satisfied that justice had been done.

His principles of democratic monarchy and religious tolerance make Tenkamenin’s reign one of the great models of African rule.

Manin successfully held off the Almoravid attacks on the Ghana Empire, and even expanded it farther. Al-Bakri noted that Manin controlled some 200,000 warriors. However, in 1076, the Almoravids succeeded in destroying the capitol of Kumbi Saleh absorbing the former Ghana empire.

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