Sunday 27 August 2023

Pineal Gland - Gland of awakening - 3rd Eye - Eye of Horus - Eye of Enlightenment

Just what did our ancestors really know and understand about this hidden eye within the human brain cortex? Was it purposely created to be able to connect to our DNA, upgrade automatically  and connect physically, spiritually and mentally to our Creators, Source or GOD?

There are many depictions of the pine cone appearing throughout many ancient civilisations, and myths surrounding the connection and purpose of the hidden eye within. Especially in regard to its activation and for enlightening one's true spiritual connection to the Source.

The pineal gland activates from week 3 of conception, connecting the Source to the first brain waves and for creation of the building blocks of consciousness .

The pineal gland's full purpose is still under many speculations, theories and meanings, but it's sure one of the most intriguing mysterious parts of the human body. Our ancestors had in-depth knowledge about this mysterious unique eye, including  how to access it and use it  to its full potential.

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