Friday 18 August 2023

A Speaker of Truth Has No Friends. - African Proverb

Usually people have the right to believe whatever they choose to believe, however there’s a profound exception to this rule when it comes to the oppressed. The oppressed must gain a clear and accurate understanding of our plight and condition, because if our understandings are flawed then all remedies that stems from those misunderstandings will also be flawed.


“Those that know the truth must teach.”- African Proverb


The early white Christian’s conversion of Africans into their religion had absolutely nothing to do whatsoever with saving the souls of Africans - so that Africans may join them in heaven in the afterlife. This is an irrefutably fact because the early white Christians literally believed that Africans had no souls and that heaven was for whites only. In fact the early white Christians believed that the thought of an African entering the kingdom of heaven was ridiculously as blasphemous as a dog entering heaven. This is a fact!  When we logically look at the fact as they were, we can say with great certainty that the white enslavers conversion of Africans into Christians had absolutely nothing to do with saving African souls. There was another self serving reason why they put their time, and energy into teaching Christianity to a people they otherwise treated so brutally. The self serving reason was to indoctrinate the belief of a white God into their subconscious minds.

When the Africans were taught to believe that God is white God, this produced a profound adoration towards whiteness within their minds. This profound adoration of whiteness is then transferred towards the white race. This subconsciously happens without many even realizing it. This made the Africans more subservient towards their white colonizers and enslavers. This made the colonizing of Africans in Africa much easier and made the Africans in America into more loyal slaves.


SOCIALIZED: is when the dominant culture exploits their monopoly over information that are fed into the minds of the subordinate population to manipulate them to think and behave in ways that are beneficial to the dominant culture. White social scientists describes this nefarious process as merely instilling a value system into the collective minds of the oppressed that makes them adhere to the existing infrastructure of the dominant society.

The effects of that brainwashing scheme implemented hundreds of  years ago, has been left uncorrected and un-removed for generations. It’s why you can still now visit many Black churches and find its walls stubbornly adorned with pictures of Caucasian deities.

Furthermore, through Christianity million of Black people have been brainwashed to believe that all of the wrongs that whites have done to them throughout history, have been washed cleaned by the blood of a fictional white Jesus. Black people were also originally forced to become Christians, and then its doctrine was use to compel them to forgive whites for all the brutalities afflicted upon them by whites. The white society never actually repented for their evil deeds committed against Black people they merely insisted that Black people, as good Christians, forgive them as their Bible teaches. Furthermore, by teaching Africans that a white God sent down his white son to earth to die for them this literally makes millions of Black people feel indebted towards whites. Christianity has proven itself as being history's most successful propaganda tools used for controlling Black people.

Many Black Christians defend their religion by insisting that Christianity was originally taught in Ethiopia therefore it’s actually original our religion. Many Black people believes that the discoveries of old Ethiopian Bibles proves that Christianity was originally the religion of Black people. However, in reality the Roman Emperor Constantine created the false Christian religion  in 325 AD. Christianity did not become the official religion of Ethiopia until the reign of King Ezana in 341 AD. That's 16 years after the white Romans created the false religion. So those old Bibles and Christian painting proves nothing. Romans created the false religion. Christianity is not the belief system practiced in Africa before 325 AD.

When the Roman's created the Jesus messiah myth it was an ingenious scam. Its ideology, that to enter the kingdom of heaven you had go through Jesus, literally meant that the church held the key to heaven — that’s ultimate power on earth. Moreover the Romans that wrote the Bible in 325 A.D. were a sexually depraved society that routinely engaged in massive orgies, pedophillia, incest, beastiality, and death-sports. They continued these practices even after writing the Bible. Furthermore the Roman Emperor Constantine, the person in charge of the writing of the Bible, himself refused to convert into Christian - even upon his deathbed he refused to do so. Even upon his deathbed he refused to be converted into a Christian. These noted facts combined with the additional fact that the Bible strongly condones slavery totally disqualifies it from being the true words of God. If the Bible truly contained the empowering words of God it would’ve been kept as far away as possible from our enslaved ancestors and not brutally forced upon them as it in fact was. The Bible is false knowledge. The greatest enemy of knowledge is not ignorance, it is false knowledge. Because a ignorant person might continue to seek the truth, but those who believes their false knowledge is true, stop searching for the truth and therefore becomes mentally enslaved by the false knowledge.

The reason why there is rarely any resolve whenever a Black conscious person tries to teach these notes truths about the falsehood of Christianity to Black Christians, is because the conscious person presents documented facts, critical thinking, reasoning and common sense, but Black Christians have been taught to stand by blind faith even when the abundant of evidence is to the contrary. This sounds very admirable, but this actually imprisons the mind. This abandonment of intelligent critical thinking skills, in exchange for blind faith is why it can be very difficult to convince a Black Christian about fallacies within their religion - even when presenting them with facts and historical evidence. This is also why most will argue vehemently defending their religion, but rarely ever will they research any evidence presented to them that is contrary of their religion. Some will even label those that try to show them evidence contrary of their faith as being agents of the devil. They have been conditioned to abandon their critical thinking skills and to ignore all evidence to the contrary of their religions. Therefore their intelligence have literally been decreased by religion. To argue with a person that has renounced the use of reason, facts and common sense is like feeding medicine to the dead. The Bible is the first propaganda literature used to socialize Africans throughout the diaspora.



During the 1960’s African American’s unified protests against the U.S. systems of institutionalized white racism was unprecedented. African Americans confronted it on all fronts. It was confronted through civil disobedient tactic, militant means, non violent protest, and with Black lawyers pleading for equality within America’s highest Supreme Court. African Americans unified protest still remains unrivaled by any other group in U.S. history. African Americans had unknowingly proven themselves as being the greatest threat against the U.S. system of white supremacy. In the face of the unprecedented unified Black protest, FBI director J. Edger Hoover said that the unification of the American Negro was the greatest threat against the nation. To remedy what was then called the “Negro Problem” in 1967 President Lyndon Johnson put together a committee called the Kerner Commission. Their assignment was to study the Negro problem, find the cause of the problem, and then develop a solution.

In 1968 white social scientists - hired by the Kerner commission- determined that an aggravating core factor for that decade’s unprecedented unified Black protest was caused by an elevated and unifying Black collective self esteem brought on by the emergence of the Black pride movement. They also learned then that while oppressors, through their weaponry advantage of guns and cannons can brutally invade and enslave a people, they however cannot win their loyalty, or sustain peace with those people indefinitely unless their minds have been manipulated to think in ways that prevents them from unifying against their oppressors. Because whenever people are oppressed for long durations their collective aggressions against their oppressors will continue to grow until it reaches a boiling point resulting in massive acts of rebellion against their oppressors. The oppressed always eventually rebels against their oppressors. This is a inherent respond within the collective human psyche whenever people are being oppressed for long periods. This is what was actually happening amongst African Americans during the 1960’s. White racism had reached a boiling point within the collective minds of African Americans which resulted in that decades unprecedented unified Black protest.

Those white social scientists logically determined that they could subdue unified Black protest by deploying and ideological subversion system that keeps the collective self esteems of the Black masses very low and that shifts Black collective aggressions away from the white oppressive society and redirects against ourselves. They achieved both of these objectives by keeping Black people believing the fraudulent worst narratives about ourselves. Presently all narratives about Black people are written exclusively by white people. Whatever white sources states about Black people is automatically deemed as factual.  This unfair scenario allows white oppressive forces to easily negatively shape how Black people perceives themselves collectively.

People can be easily controlled by the societal narratives they routinely receive about themselves. When people are constantly fed positive and affirming information about themselves this raises their collective self esteems, raises their self efficacy, and unifies them. It doesn't matter if the information presented is untrue most people will act upon it because they have all been given the same information about themselves. 

However, when people are constantly fed negative demoralizing disinformation about themselves the exact opposite happens.  When people constantly receives fraudulent negative narratives about themselves, they become demoralized, divided, self loathing, and more compliant with their oppressor’s dominance over their lives. In fact many will even prefer it. This also creates self hatred and disunity which attacks the core foundation of what bonds a people and they can then be ruled over indefinitely. And again it doesn't matter that the information presented is untrue, most people will act accordingly because they have all been given the same information about themselves. This second presented demoralizing example is precisely what white oppressive forces are doing to Black people. Keeping us believing the fraudulent worst narratives about ourselves is how they now prevents us from unifying against them. This nefarious psychological warfare tactic works by tapping into the immense power that shame has upon the human mind to mentally enslave millions of Black people.

Here’s a basic example of how this psychological warfare tactic actually works:

Imagine that a crew was out at sea aboard their very own well-functioning ship; and that their ship was being followed by second ship. A second ship constantly broadcasting derogatory messages to the first ship’s crew. Such messages telling them that their ship was lesser, not seaworthy, perhaps slowly sinking, or that their crew was incompetent. With time, the crew constantly receiving the negative derogatory messages about themselves - being unable to refute nor to confirm them - will grow weary, paranoid, and will eventually come to accept the negative assessments of themselves. This will eventually cause the targeted crew to become distrustful of themselves, doubtful of their own abilities, and self -hating.

The taunted crew may even become so besieged by deep feelings of inadequacy and resentment towards their fellow crew members that they may jump into the sea and attempt to swim towards the taunting ship — now believing it to be superior to their own ship -- even if their own ship was in fact better. This entire process was accomplished by constantly inundating the ship's crew with negative demoralizing disinformation about themselves. Its weapon was the negative messages and the way that they negatively affected the targeted crew. 

It is a process with the objective to erode the morale of the targeted population through continuous demoralization. By destroying their morale, it can even prevent their will to fight. It’s very effective. No group can be constantly inundated with negative demoralizing misinformation about themselves and not suffer some adverse effect. Within a real world setting this same demoralizing divide and rule psychological warfare tactic is what’s being presently deployed against Black populations by white oppressive forces.


The white media’s unrelenting negative depictions of Black people— that amplifies the negative to the point that it distort reality-- is much more than just bias media reporting. It is actually a insidious Black Racially Demoralizing Divide and Conquer psychological warfare campaign.

Demoralizing Divide and Conquer is the method of maintaining control over a targeted population through constant and unrelenting demoralization in order to create self hate and division between them.

The white society writes all Black narratives and controls all Black mainstream media images. They therefore literally owns Black people’s interpretation of ourselves collectively. Therefore Black people’s interpretation of ourselves remains enslaved by the white society.

This system is deplored like a massive media marketing campaign that constantly subjects Black people to seeing only the fraudulent worst within themselves. Within this system fraudulent black racially demoralizing propaganda is pumped unrelentingly into the unsuspecting minds of Black populations--without being challenged or counterbalanced by an equal amount Black positive racially affirming information. It conveys the subliminal message that Black people are there own worst enemy and therefore needs whites to govern over their lives. Moreover, that Black people should admire, respect, and trust only Whites. This system is extremely effective because when Black people are repetitively presented these noted narratives from trusted white media sources it can be very difficult to resist it's implied propaganda programming. Especially when the propaganda is being told daily and so unrelentingly. Its weapon is the demoralizing message that it carries and the way that it adversely affects the Black population in terms of their behavior.

With time, being unable to refute the constant negative information about themselves, many Black people eventually comes to accept them. Many Black people then experiences profound feelings of humiliation and ask themselves why can’t we get our act together? This unrelenting humiliation then causes many Black people to become demoralized, divided, self loathing and resentful towards their own racial group. In the most extreme cases many will even attempt to disassociate themselves from all other Black people. Psychologist calls this disassociation. It’s a defense mechanism that evolves to put a distance between themselves and from the pain. Some will make it their personal mission to go out of their way to try to show white people that we’re not all bad.

This is all possible because people are like computers, all you have to do is keep giving them certain information every so often and you can persuade an entire country or nation towards an implied objective. Most of us believe that the media reflects our reality, but it is in fact rarely ever the case. The media most often forms our behaviors, beliefs and perceptions of our collective selves through the images that it routinely shows us. Because perceptions created by the media leads to non-deliberate thoughtful decision-making or decision below the level of consciousness. It has been called "thinking without thinking", and it ultimately leads to unconscious similar behaviors.

Those Black people that insist that they’ve confirmed their negative assessments about our racial group based upon their own individual experiences are delusional. Because it’s not humanly possible to assess the collective state of millions of people based upon anyone’s individual experiences. Those false negative perception about our racial group was actually deliberately ingrained into their minds by white oppressive forces that exclusively writes all Black societal narratives and controls all Black mainstream media images.


The reason why many Black people insist that they’ve confirmed their negative assessments about their racial group although they have in fact not is because once a false belief has been successfully imbedded into the collective minds of people, they will then only notice those smaller incidents that appears to confirm the false embedded belief, and they’ll become psychologically blinded from noticing all of the greater amount of evidences refuting it.

Here’s an example that explains how this works: 

If the belief that all Asian drivers are bad has been embedded into an individual’s mind, he (or she) will then only notice those bad Asian drivers that appears to confirm the embedded belief and becomes psychologically blinded from seeing the greater number of excellent Asian drivers that refutes it. Then based upon his psychological blindness he will argue vehemently that he’s witnessed it for himself that most Asians are bad drivers although it’s absolutely untrue. 

Likewise this same inherent flaw within the human psyche has been exploited by white social scientists to trap the minds of millions of Black people into a perpetually state of self contempt. They achieved this by manipulating millions of Black people to believe only the fraudulent worst about our group collectively, then many of us only notices those isolated incidents amongst our people that appears to confirm the embedded belief, and becomes psychologically blinded from seeing the many greater amount of evidences refuting the embedded belief. 

Case Point and Proof: 

Those Black people that have been brainwashed by white media controllers and white propagandist to believe that our racial group never supports each other- but are instead like crabs in a bucket that only pulls each other down - ignores the fact that during the 2008 election of President Obama, he received more Black votes than any other previous president in US history. Millions of Black people that had never before voted in any previous election registered and voted for Obama in 2008. In some states Black people stood in voting lines for up to 5 hours. During Obama’s  inauguration millions of Black people showed up in Washington D.C. in record breaking numbers - at their own expenses filling up expensive hotels, and stood outside in record breaking cold temperatures to witness Obama being sworn in as the first African American president. These facts - and countless more - totally destroys the myth that Black people are like crabs in a bucket always pulling each other down and never supports each other. 

Keeping us believing the fraudulent worst about ourselves is how they now control and subjugate us. This control system prevents massive unified Black retribution against the white society by lowering the collective self esteem of the Black masses, and by shifting our collective aggressions away from the white oppressive society and redirecting it inward against ourselves. Those Black people that do not think critically-- nor questions the validity of all information being constantly fed into their minds from entirely white sources--never notices what is being done to them. This is all possible because people are like computers, all you have to do is keep giving them certain information every so often and you can persuade an entire generation towards an implied objective.  It doesn't matter if the information presented is untrue most Black people will act upon it because they have all been given the same misinformation about themselves. This is not some feeble minded premise nor is it some silly conspiracy theory. Media social engineering is a real covert very well-crafted system of control that allows the white ruling class to control the masses and targeted populations. It’s the truth that white oppressive forces don’t want Black people to ever learn, because it provides them with their most proficient weapon used for controlling the Black masses.  While this system’s true title remains classified, many of us have appropriately named it the Black People’s Matrix. It’s a psychological prison created for the collective minds of Black people. It’s being continuously funded under the national interest budget.


Although all white governments now publicly professes equality for all of their citizens, the hidden reality is that they’re all unrelentingly committed towards the preservation of their nation’s white dominance and control. There is also an immense fear of massive unified Black retribution that secretly exist amongst those white nations that have been brutally oppressive of Africans and that have grossly exploited Africa’s natural resources for more than four centuries. This unrelenting commitment towards the preservation of their nation’s white dominance combined with the immense fear of massive unified Black retribution necessitates that the white society manipulates the minds Africans throughout the diaspora. In fact - given the history shared between themselves and Africans and given that the whites society’s dependency upon Africa’s natural resources is ongoing and indefinite - to not have manipulated Africans to think and behave in ways that are beneficial to the white society would have placed white governments diametrically apposing their own self interests.

This psychological warfare system provides white societies with a more proficient method for controlling Black people given that it isn't easily recognized nor comprehended by many of its Black victims.  For unlike the past blatant racist systems that Black people were easily able to identify and therefore develop counter strategies against, this system is not easily recognized nor comprehended by many of its Black victims. This psychological warfare program works so well in fact that it not only makes Black people more compliant with white dominance over their lives, it in fact makes many even prefer it. It is at the root of both the profound division and self hatred now afflicting so many Black people and is at the heart of internalized feelings of superiority that many whites possess.

"The oppressed will always believe the - fraudulent- worse about themselves" --Franz Fanon

In 1968 white social scientists had also determined that African Americans had developed an allegiance towards Africa that hindered the growth of Black patriotism towards the U.S. government. African Americans allegiance towards Africa was very strong during the 1960’s. This was made evident by the fact that many African American had started wearing Afros, cornrows, daishikis, and many had giving themselves African names. White social scientists determined that millions of African Americans had developed a romanticized allegiance towards Africa that prevented Black allegiances from growing towards the U.S. Moreover that this allegiance fueled the Black pride and Black power movements which were the core aggravating factors for that decade’s unprecedented unified Black protest. They therefore decided that African American’s allegiance towards Africa had to be eroded. To turn many African Americans against Africa, white propaganda designers began negatively distorting the image of Africa. They constantly subjects African Americans to seeing only those images of a war-torn, famine- ridden, rampantly illiterate, and disease-stricken Africa. By only showing the poorest parts of Africa this turned Africa into a source of shame and humiliation for many African Americans. It easier to separate a people from something they’ve been made to feel ashamed of. Those negative images of Africa also subliminally convey the message that African Americans were actually benefited by slavery. It makes many perceive the enslavement of our ancestors as being more of a rescue mission that ultimately took us away from the terrible, scary and backward place of Africa. This propaganda campaign literally causes many African Americans to feel grateful that slavery happened. This significantly eases African Americans collective aggressions against the white oppressive society. It also broke down African Americans’ sense of Black racial heritage and allegiance towards Africa.


The narratives that we African Americans made the N word ours, and that using it now empowers us are both lies created by white propagandists to keep us from learning the truth. Those false narratives are believed and repeated by those of us that are ignorant, naive, and gullible - therefore are usually the easiest victims of the white oppressors’ fraudulent propaganda campaigns. It was actually white oppressive forces that socialized us to self identify ourselves as N!ggers through the hidden science known as negative media social engineering. Because they control our media images they’re able to covertly negatively steer our culture. By socializing us to self identify ourselves as N!ggers they’ve conditioned us to perceive ourselves through a false marginalized identity that aids them in maintaining their white dominance over us.

Most people naively believe that the media reflects our reality, but in truth it is more often we that imitate what we see and learn from the media. A group’s identity is greatly shaped by how they repeatedly see themselves depicted in the media. People often becomes those derogatory media depictions of themselves that they accept as being their reality. It’s a true science known as media social engineering. 

Whoever controls a people’s media images controls their culture. 

- Allen Ginsberg 

Because the white society controls the media images of African Americans this fact allows white social scientist and propaganda designers to negatively steer Black culture. Their ability to steer Black culture through media social engineering is immensely powerful. So much in fact, that if these white men wanted Black youths to start walking around everyday with a yellow Afro combs in their left rear pockets, all they would have to do is place that image in several rap music videos, movies and TV shows being depicted as very cool and trendy. In doing so our Black youths would then see the image, imitate it and then adopt the image as being of their own making-although it is in fact actually not. The style and behavior was actually learned from what they repetitively saw in the media. It was secretly created by white media social engineering scientist and propaganda designers.

When these white social engineering scientists creates trends and customs for Black youths to imitate they deliberately create those that gets our Black youths acting and dressing as caricatures that reinforces resentment and anti black prejudicial perceptions. Moreover, those images that reinforces many negative and racist stereotypes about Black people. Black youths becomes the caricatures of the derogatory images and stereotypes they accept. The African American culture is being negatively steered by white oppressive forces.

Case and Point: 


Some African Americans insist that sagging started with slavery. This is untrue. if it had the style would’ve been prevalent throughout the many years that followed slavery. It was not! The style didn’t exist on a national scale until the early 1990’s Furthermore, if slaves were sagging this would’ve severely reduce their productivity. Because a slave couldn’t pick much cotton while holding up his pants. The white enslavers would also never allow a slave to sagg because this creates the possibility of their wives and daughters seeing the Africans larger penis. So when you critically think and observe all the facts as they were it becomes clear that sagging did not come from slavery.

The Sagging phenomenon is not the result of the prison industry — where most prisons have a heavily enforced dress code requiring prisoners to wear velco belts. Furthermore if men engaged in homosexual behavior while incarcerated most do not return to their communities and families flaunting that fact. Most will conceal any customs or behaviors association with the practice. When you’re ignorant nonsense makes perfect sense. Furthermore, that prison to the street theory is not how national trends are created. For something to thing to become a trend requires concerted efforts of media marketing. The style of sagging It was deliberately achieved by white negative media social engineering of the African American culture. 

The sagging style was placed in movies and music videos being depicted as cool and trendy and then millions of Black youths merely imitated their style.  

This isn’t some feeble minded attempt at scapegoating that wrongly blames white people in order to absolve ourselves of our own responsibilities. It’s the absolute truth. They’re waging a covert war against African Americans that most don’t understand. Because we African Americans were stripped of our true identity and culture- during the enslavement of our ancestors- we’re therefore more susceptible to media social engineering. 


The true reason why millions of African Americans now self identify themselves as n!ggers is also actually a true testament of the immense power of white negative media social engineering. Although this n#gger programming is now routinely deployed through the white controlled Hip Hop music industry, that industry merely reinforces an earlier programming. 

The n#gger terminology was originally indoctrinated into the African American culture many decades ago long before the hip hop music industry was even created. It was originally done so by using the movie industry. Most people think that movies are made for nothing more than entertainment. That never was the case. The greatest social messages are promoted through movies. Social norms promoted through films can influence the way of thinking and the “cognitive map” of the populated audience. In a normal conversation when using logic and facts your guard is naturally up. But when your watching a movie there's no debate, your guard is down, the sensor part of your brain is not in action, it isn’t saying yes I agree with this, or I disagree with that like you would in a debate or a conversation. You’re actually in an alpha state being completely downloaded with ideas and images. This programming system was used to convinced millions of Black movie watchers, during the late 60's and early 70's,that they were niggers.

 Up until the mid 1960's the word n#gger was viewed unfavorably by most African Americans. That era's generation of African Americans had experienced dehumanizing segregation, and many also had great grand parents that were born during slavery. Therefore, they knew intimately well the brutality and degradation that often accompanied the ugly taunts of the word nigger. Therefore, the usage of the word was most often forbidden within many African American homes. It was deemed as being a profoundly offensive word. The usage of the word n#gger became more accepted among African Americans during the late 60's and early 70's as the popularity of Blaxploitation films grew. 

Blaxploitation is a term coined in the early 1970s to refer to black films that were aimed at black audiences. Featuring African-American actors in lead roles, the films frequently depicted stereotypical characterization and glorification of violence. It was that era's Black exploitation films that first taught African American youths on a national level that it was a cool and trendy term of endearment to call themselves n#gger. In those films, written, directed, and produced by white people, Black actors were hired to shuck and jive and to repeatedly called themselves n#gger. This n#gger indoctrinating process was repeated and reinforced countless times in many times within many Blaxploitation films.

Here's a list of just a few of those movies: The Black Klansman (1966), Black Like Me (1964) Black Lolita (1975), Black Mama White Mama (1973), Black Rage (1972), Scream Blacula Scream (1973), Shaft (1971), Shaft in Africa (1973), Shaft's Big Score (1972), Sheba, Baby (1975)etc...Within each of these films, produced by white movie studios, Black actors routinely called each other niggers. Some of these films also blatantly included the word n#gger in its titles such as Boss N#gger (1975), Run N#gger Run (1974), and The Soul of N#gger Charley (1973) etc... 

Those Blacks exploitive films were well received by many African American audiences because they provided them with cinematic Black heroes on the silver screen in a portrayal unseen in most Hollywood pictures prior to that time. Therefore, African Americans flocked to the theaters in droves to see themselves being represented as heroes on the big screen. Many Black audiences, believing that those fictional movie characters were true, accurate representation of their group as a collective whole began imitating what they saw in the movies -this included self identifying themselves as N!ggers. Through this system millions of Black people were socially engineered to perceive themselves as being n#ggers. 


Words put a spell upon your subconscious mind. We function based upon the words we assign to ourselves. This is why women that proclaims themselves as being bitches often becomes stubbornly unreasonable. It's also why men that proclaim themselves as being thugs are more likely to engage in a fight than to avoid it. Words effects how we function. This is a psychological phenomenon that white social engineering scientist have thoroughly researched.


When we call others by negative words we dehumanize them which makes it easier to mistreat them. Case and Point: 

During the Vietnam war to ease the American soldiers anxieties about torturing and killing the Vietnamese soldiers they were taught to refer to them as Chinx, Gooks, and Kongs.  This dehumanized them and made it easier to kill and torture them. This is also why men that refers to women as bitches, and hoes have a higher tendency to mistreat them.

These noted factors are the reasons why white oppressive forces socially engineered millions of African Americans to self identify themselves as and call each other n#ggers. ( Through negative media social engineering ) White oppressive forces have placed an elaborate negative spell upon the subconscious minds of millions of African Americans with the word nigger. The white prison industry is also filled with Black men that have been programmed to believe that they're real niggas. White social engineering scientist deliberated programmed millions of Blacks people to believe that they're n#ggers to achieve this agenda.

White oppressive forces secretly perceives Black rappers as useful idiots. In addition to making lots of money by exploiting them, they used them to negatively steer Black culture. And they use them to vilify and criminalize the image of African Americans- which makes the white society’s [justice systems] mistreatments of its Black population appear as always justifiable.

Because most Black rappers have never heard about the science of negative media social engineering ( most people have not ) they're therefore unaware of the actual damages that they’re doing to their people and culture. Their ignorance is being exploited by white oppressive forces to the detriment of their own people.

This is not some feeble minded premise nor is it some silly conspiracy theory. It’s the truth tha they hide from you. Media social engineering is a real covert very well-crafted system of control that allows the white ruling class to control the masses and targeted populations. The white media has always represented a tyranny of the white society’s power over Black people.

Many African Americans are now saying that we should call ourselves Negus because it’s an ancient Ethiopian word meaning King.

However, given that there are literally over two thousands languages in Africa; and each one of them have at least three word that means King, don't you therefore find it suspicious that the only word  that's being spread throughout our Black communities is the word "Negus"--the one word that just happens to sound exactly like niggers? To believe that this is merely a incredible coincident is extremely naive. Clearly the word Negus is being deliberately propagated into our Black communities to serve a particular agenda.

The truth about NEGUS:


Their socializing of Black people now begins during our educational development when our minds are young and most impressionable. White governed schools do not provide a racially affirming curriculum to Black students- as it does so for white students. They instead intentionally give Black students a marginalized version of their history. It's a marginalized version designed to instill the the myth of white superiority into your subconscious minds. It is a classroom setting wherein which the majority of the achievements and contributions made by Black people, throughout history, are systematically withheld from their educational development. Black students are taught from curriculums that primarily exalts the history and achievements of whites only, while marginalizes their own. For many Black people their schools are, in fact, the places where they first experienced the implications that there is something lesser about being Black.

This Black racially devaluing educational curriculum is being pumped into the impressionable young minds of generations of Black students --without being counterbalance by an equal amount of positive Black racially affirming information. Consequently, Black students must constantly resist the negative perceptions of being Black implicit in an educational curriculum almost exclusively dedicated to white ideologies, achievements, contributions and history. Furthermore, Black students are subjected to this demoralizing miseducation for seven hours a day from the age of five through eighteen. Clearly, considerable damage can be done to the self esteem of many Black students within such a large time frame.

The white educational system’s failure to adequately provide Black students with a racially affirming curriculum as its does for White students is also essential for maintaining white dominance. Because for a ruling class to maintain its position of social dominance over its oppressed population, they must condition the oppressed from a very early age to accept their own subordinate status and to adhere to the authority of the dominant society. To do so, the education given to the oppressed, from the time that their mind's are young and most impressionable, must be the type that denies them a racially and culturally affirming curriculum. When the oppressed population is denied a fully racially and culturally affirming education, even the brightest among them may have little, if any, hope of mentally extracting themselves from their assigned low, dominated position in life. This immoral practice is precisely what's being done to Black students.


To further socialize the minds of Black people to think in ways that benefits white societies, white historians rewrote the history of the African slave trade to favor themselves. 

Their revision intentionally makes the white invaders appear more humane, and shifts the blame of the African slave trade more greatly upon native Africans. The history of the African slave trade taught to African American students deliberately hides the brutal massacre of countless African Warriors that died in battle trying to rescue their captured love ones from the slave ships. As the African warriors charged the beaches the ship's crew shot cannons and countless of bullets into their bodies. Leaving thousands of blood soaked Black bodies laying on beaches.

The number of Africans that died in battles fought against the white invaders far exceeded, many times over, the number of any African's that may have assisted in the slave trade. The hiding of these fierce battles and massacres is deliberately done to perpetuate the lie that most Africans were merely sold away. 

To further convey the falsehood that most African slaves were sold away by other Africans, several white artist were hired to create pictures of Africans selling their fellow Africans to the white invaders. Reproductions of those drawings and paintings can still be found within America's school text books today. Therefore, every time that an African American students reads about the African slave trade those pictures are placed between the texts subliminally conveying the message that it was the Africans that wronged you and not the white invaders.

Furthermore, to believe that the greedy white invaders ( they that bloodily brutalized our Black ancestors during slavery here in the U.S.) went into Africa with weaponry advantage [of guns and cannons] but rather than maximizing their profits, they instead shown kindness, and mercy by purchasing most of their slaves is absolutely preposterous. Because such a claim totally contradicts over 500 years of demonstrated behavior by whites in regards to Black people and making profit. 

Moreover, critically think, and ask yourself this question: If Africans owned all the natural resources of gold, diamonds, oils, minerals, and animal skins, fur, and wine, and Western money had no value in Africa, what then could the white invaders trade to get MOST of the slaves? What possible commodity did the white invaders have that was of such great value, and they possessed in such high abundance that they could give to the Africans in exchange for over 60 millions of Black people? 

And why wouldn't the greedy white invaders maximize their profits by using their weaponry advantage of riffles and cannons to steal most of their slaves? However, yet through miseducation millions of African people globally have been socialized to perceive the details of the African slave trade in a manner that benefits the society.

During the educational development of Black students, they are literally being subconsciously conditioned to negatively perceive themselves and to favorably perceive whites. A value system that benefits white society is being indoctrinated into the minds of Black people during our educational development. Schools are tools of the government design to mold students’ character accordingly. It’s how white oppressive societies protects themselves from unified Black retribution. The white society will never provide Black people with an education that truly liberates us. It’s against their own interests to do so. They will instead always miseducate us to think in ways that serves white supremacy. Our core problem, as Black people, is that most us can’t see that our minds are being systematically manipulated to think in ways that serves white supremacy.

The human mind is like a computer no matter how efficient it may be its reliability is only as great as the information fed into it. If it’s possible to control the input into the human mind, then no matter how intelligent a person may be it is entirely possible to control what he will think.  We are the books we read, the education that we're taught, and the media contents we watch. Because the white society controls the education we’re taught, the media images we see, and the societal narratives that we hear - these combined factors allows them to socialize Black minds without us even knowing it. Those Black people that that do not critically think never notices their mental chains.

The truth has finally come-forth, but they’ve conditioned millions of us to fear it and to hate those who speaks it in preference for a biblical fairytale, and a slave syndrome myth.

Those that know the truth must teach”.      

     - African Proverb.

By Franklin Jones, The Black People’s Matrix

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