Friday 18 August 2023


Sometimes we forget that when Europeans reached the shores of the continent, they already fully well knew and understood what they were going to find there.

From 711CE to 1492 Europe was largely under Moorish rule. And the Moors were black Africans.

When they describe the moors European always mention a pitch black face with strong tropical features.

These faces still appear today on the crests of families belonging to European nobility.

So, everybody knew who the Africans were in those regions. They knew the wealth, the advanced culture, the great knowledge possessed by Africans. 

We have been taught that people discovered Africans during colonization but that's a lie.

This is why it is so important to avoid episodic history. Starting at the beginning and putting everything in context is the only way to fully understand our history. We must always be mindful when we talk about our history because it's not just African history, it is world history.

Africans are the only people to have been on this planet from day 1 and to also have been great all the time, even during the worst periods of our existence, we have been amazing.

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