Sunday 20 August 2023

Some Moral lessons to learn from Jagun Jagun are

(1) - Your best friend today might be your worst enemy tomorrow - Gbogunmi and Gbotija

(2)- Do not use other people's child for evil. It will come back to you -- Ogundiji and Iroyinogunkiitan 

(3) - Be courageous and bold but be tactical when challenging a corrupt system -- Iroyinogunkiitan and Gbotija

(4) - Loyalty should be 100% or nothing - Moyale and Ditemola

(5) - You don't agree with Wo/man on certain things at your own detriment -- Erinfunto and Ogundiji

(6) -  Men would never stop at anything to have heirs (Arole) women giving their womb to men for power or money should get sense --- Erinfunto and Ogundiji

(7) - A woman who have nothing to lose would not mind bringing you down once they feel cheated and taking for granted - Erinfunto as a perfect example

(8) - Three is a crowd, things involving two people is no longer a secret - Ogundiji's Son Ibrahim Chatta

(9) - Spend quality time with your partner/loved ones, you might not have another opportunity. - Agemo and Gbotija

(10) - Tread softly with a woman who knows your source of power, finance, richness, popularity, it would only take her a second to bring you down --- Erinfunto and Ogundiji

Let me add this as bonus .... Be courageous to face challenge (s), it's preparing you for a greater success ahead.. Ogundiji thought he was throwing Gbotija into a journey of no return, not knowing he was actually digging his own grave.

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