Sunday 13 August 2023


Species of this giant mushroom (termitomyces titanicus) was once native to West Africa but now can be found mostly in Southern Africa like Namibia and South Africa.

It is the largest edible fungus in the world. Yorùbá call it olú erin meaning elephant mushroom obviously because of its large saucer-like cap and study trunk.

Lore has it that wherever you see one of these giant fungi, look around very well, you will see the other six because it grows in a set of seven. Thus the meaning of the word olúbèje.

Although some mushroom are highly toxic while some permanently damage organs like brain because they are psychedelic, according to UCLA Health, some of the medicinal benefits of mushrooms are:

Decrease the risk of cancer.

Lower sodium intake.

Promote lower cholesterol.

Protect brain health.

Provide a source of vitamin D.

Stimulate a healthier gut.

Support a healthy immune system.


Questions that should be going on in the mind of our youth now is how do we reintroduce this highly nutritious fungus into our forest? Or how do we domesticate it for commercial purpose? Well, these are question for phyto-geneticist and experts in the field of mycolgy.

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