Monday 21 August 2023


Today marks the 192nd. anniversary of Nat Turner’s Liberation Campaign. History dictates that it was a bloody massacre and a slave rebellion but ask yourself this question, what if it were you, your family, your friends, and your generations not yet born? What would you do to free you and yours from the wicked institution of chattel slavery? What if Nat Turner and his comrades were Americans of European descent (white men) how would history record this event differently?

I honor Nat Turner, a true American patriot on this day, not for the violence of which I do not condone but because he gave his last full measure of self-determination to attempt to end the United States most wicked evil, chattel slavery. He gave up everything for his freedom and today we (“I” and the rest of a group that includes “me”) don’t have a sincere minute to do the work to achieve the autonomy that the Honorable Marcus Mosiah Garvey and Prophet Noble Drew Ali spoke of. We (“I” and the rest of a group that includes “me”) can and must do better as a people.

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