Monday 28 August 2023

Did You Know Avatar Was Created Based On The Culture Of Nilotic People Of Africa?

Once you know the truth, you are never the same. You start reading the signs and recognizing the mark of Africa everywhere. This requires to learn our true history, to reconnect to Africa and to make sure to re-become the Africans we are supposed to be (culture and diet). We need to activate that melanin. Africa is the greatest ghostwriter. It's time to claim our blessings.

This movie also shows the connection we have with nature. That spirituality that comes with melanin. The darkest people... But also the oldest people on the planet... That connection they are trying to break with that new "technology". When we abandon our true space, our true African nature, we lose our power. We go from God to Captives. Think about it.

Africa is full of diverse and fascinating cultures authentically not found anywhere in the world and they inspire many people around the globe. Just as “only female army” of Dahomey Kingdom in West Africa inspired female warriors in Black Panther, Avatar is also believed to have been inspired by beautiful cultures of Nilotic people in Africa.

Nilotic peoples are people who speak Nilotic languages and are indigenous to the Nile Valley. Nilotic languages are a large sub-group of Nilo-Saharan languages spoken in South Sudan, Uganda, Kenya, and northern Tanzania.

Cattle pastoralism, fishing, and seed cultivation were all part of the Nilotic economy. Some of the earliest archaeological findings on record, that represent a similar culture to this from the same region, are located at Kadero, 48 kilometres north of Khartoum in Sudan, and date to 3000 BC.

Via Muhammad Hadji

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