Wednesday 30 August 2023


Modibo Mohammed Al- Kaburi an African Scholar and a Professor of Sankore University.

Modibo Mohammed Al- Kaburi was an African Scholar and Fulani by ethnicity, he hails from Timbuktu in Mali, He was a Professor, Jurist, Cadi at Sankore Madrasah this place was one of the three ancient centers of learning in Timbuktu this include three mosques, It is believed Sidi Yahya composed it as University of Timbuktu, Madrasah simply means School or University in Arabic and Sankore meaning a white nobles.

It is believed it was built during the 15th Century, Modibo was known for his pious and his devotional character and the people celebrated him for his piety, becoming a companion with many of the most devout scholars at Sankore, he is remembered for having established the curriculum used by later scholars at Sankore University.

According to Zulkifli Khari, the University of Sankore was part and it is important to the Islamic Civilization even though it was less known in comparison to Al- Azhar, Al- Qayrawana, Al- Qarawiyyin and Qurtuba Universities, It is believed it was a great intellectual institution dating back to civilizations in Mali, Ghana and Songhay particularly during the 12th Century to 16th Century, University of Sankore is often referred as University of Timbuktu as there are two other universities in Timbuktu, which is the Jingaray Ber and Sidi Yahya, University of Sankore is located in the North east district of Timbuktu and housed within the Sankore mosque.

The Sankore mosque was founded in 989 CE by the late Chief Judge of Timbuktu, Al – Qadi Aqib Ibn Mahmud, Ibn Umar, he had built the inner court of the mosque parallel to the exact dimensions of the Ka’abah in Makkah, a wealthy Mandinka woman financed the Sankore University making it a learning and leading Centre of education.

Around the 12th Century there was an attendance of 25, 000 students in which in turn produced the world- class scholars recognized by the university.

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