Sunday 20 August 2023


The Djed Pillar represents the spine of Osiris, the archetypal Initiate. During the staged drama of Osiris's death and resurrection, the Djed Pillar was lifted from a horizontal to a vertical position. For the Kemetian initiate this  symbolized the rise of the Kundalini up the spine and the resultant immortality of an enlightened Djedi Master. The four bars at the top of the Djed are believed to represent the four levels of the sacrum and the home of the Kundalini. Kemetian sarcophaguses were covered inside and out with Djed Pillars to assist the deceased in achieving immortal life in the next world.

Image: An Ankh with a Djed and Was Scepter all in one. The Ankh represents Life, the Djed represents Stability and the Was represents Dominance or Power.

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