Monday 28 August 2023

Here Are Ten Geniuses From Africa

(1). Tanitoluwa Adewumi: Born in Nigeria, Tanitoluwa became a national chess champion in the United States at the age of 8.

(2). Nicole Barr: Born in South Africa, Nicole became the youngest member of Mensa at the age of 3.

(3). Andrew Ngwenya: Born in Zimbabwe, Andrew was accepted to study engineering at the University of South Africa at the age of 14.

(4). Krtin Nithiyanandam: Born in Tanzania to Sri Lankan parents, Krtin was awarded the title of the UK's Young Scientist of the Year at the age of 16.

(5). Joshua Beckford: Born in Nigeria, Joshua was the youngest person ever to attend Oxford University at the age of 6.

(6). Evans Njoroge: Born in Kenya, Evans became the youngest certified Cisco engineer in Africa at the age of 17.

(7). Oluwatunmise Idowu: Born in Nigeria, Oluwatunmise became one of the youngest people to pass the Cambridge A-level exams at the age of 10.

(8). Hauwa Ojeifo: Born in Nigeria, Hauwa founded a mental health support group for women in Nigeria at the age of 26.

(9). Stacey Fru: Born in South Africa, Stacey became the youngest published author in Africa at the age of 7.

(10). Ukpeme Akpan Okon: Born in Nigeria, Ukpeme became the youngest graduate in Africa at the age of 16.

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