Monday 14 August 2023

"AFRICA LOST HER HISTORY"...and lost her way in the process

"What became of the people of sumer?" The traveller asked the old man. "For ancient records showed that the people of sumer were black. What happened to them?"

"...aaah ah," the old man sighed. "They lost their history, so they died."

    - A legend of sumer (also in the destruction of black civilization by Chancellor Williams) 

"There can not be a real heritage, until we know what our heritage really is... It is all hidden in our history. But we are ignorant of that history. So we have been flouting along, basking in the sunny heritage of other peoples...." That is why most of Africa is using the language of the Franks(an European barbarian tribe that became the French) and the language of the Angles Saxons(an European barbarian tribe that became the Brit from the 5th century CE), as a lingua franca in Africa. 

Arabic (which is not a tribal group in origin) is used in northern Africa as a result of the invasion of peoples across the Mediterranean and the Persian gulf as well as Barbary Arab slavery, concubinage and conquest, especially the Arab conquest of Egypt and Carthage in 634 and 639 CE.

Portuguese is used in a few African polities. For a deeper reflection, none of these languages are African in origin, these are the languages of conquerors and invaders; Those who plundered and ravaged Africa; the consequences of which still reverberates in the core fabrics of the life of the African, up to this very day... To a point that the African is manipulated, from one generation to another, to use the ways of the invaders, who were seeking their own interest and not that of the African, as a yardstick to measure his entire being, polity, civility and humanity. A great deal of the ways of life of the people of Africa, today, is influenced by foreigners, who came to expand their imperial ambitions; and instead, manipulated the Africans into believing that, "the invaders were their saviours" and that all the foreigners brought to their lands and cunningly doused out on them is a "self fulfilling prophecy" and is absolutely good for their lives and motherland. "The European has no illusion about this. 

The Arabs have no illusion about this. The only ones with an illusion about this is the African"  - John Henrik Clarke.

 But how did this come into being? And how had this affected Africa and Africans in both negative and positive ways?

Africa lost her history and in the process, lost her way in the concocted 'realities' of other peoples. "We want to know the truth; good and bad. For it would be a continuing degradation of the African people, if by simply destroying the present system of racial lies, embedded in world literature, only to replace it with glorified fictions, based more on wishful thinking than the labours of historical research." 

- Chancellor Williams

(The destruction of Black civilizations).

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