Saturday 19 August 2023


Ancient Southern African Empires & Kingdoms: Fascinating History of Africa's Empires and Kingdoms Before the Scramble of Africa by Europeans.

In Southern Africa, there are at least 600 stone built ruins in the regions of Zimbabwe, Mozambique and South Africa. These ruins are called Mazimbabwe in Shona, the Bantu language of the builders. In the past, fierce controversy raged concerning the identity of Mapungubwe's occupants, and, as in the case of Great Zimbabwe, early excavators refused to accept that it could have been built by Africans. 

Mapungubwe's skeletal and cultural remains are, however identical to those found at other Iron Age settlements in the African continent, which have proven that these civilisation were built by Africans. To know more about the several empires and kingdoms in Ancient Southern Africa that built these stone civilisation,

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