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The two African men Chuma and Susi who unknowingly but dedicatively handed over Central Africa to England.

In his third journey David Livingston employed two young men James Chuma and Susi Abdullar as his porters.

The day he died at Chitambo village in 1874 the two young men could not lose their loyalty but successfully protected the imperialist missionary's belongings and made sure that they got back to Scotland undisturbed.

The most important item they knew he loved most was his Holy Bible that he used to spend sleepless nights reading.

Little did they realise that David Livingston never carried any Bible to Africa but the beloved "Bible" that they always saw him get fond of was his note book in which he wrote all the accurate details on the wealth of Africa.

When the porters successfully managed to get the missionary's Bible back to Europe, they were happy to be summoned by the Queen to personally visit her Majesty the Queen to inform her on how accurate Livingston's Bible was.

The following day under the Queen's command the manuscript that contained every detail about Central African riches was conclusively edited and confirmed by the Africans themselves.

David Livingstone died in 1874 by 1884 Europe had well documented literature about Central Africa that was confirmed as nothing but the truth by Chuma and Susi.

After the Berlin Conference in January 1885 African official colonisation was launched.

If Chuma and Susi did not preserve that Bible looking Dairy and took it to Europe maybe Europeans could not have colonised Central Africa.


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