Thursday 6 June 2024

Muammar Gaddafi Dictatorship according to the West

(1). There was no electricity bill in Libya because electricity was free for all.

(2). Bank loans, from state banks, were interest-free (for all - by express law).

(3). Home ownership was considered a universal human right and the government provided a house or apartment for each family.

(4). Newlyweds received $50,000.00 to buy a home and start their family life.

(5). Education and health care were free, from preschool to university. Before Gaddafi: 25% of Libyans were literate. Until last year, 83% were literate.

(6). Beginner farmers received land, house, equipment, seeds and cattle for free.

(7). Those who did not find the desired training or treatment received funding to go abroad, additional $2,300.00 per month for housing and car.

(8). When buying a car, the state contributes a 50% subsidy.

(9). The price of gasoline: 0.10 Euro = R$ 0.23.

(10). Unemployed after vocational training, the state paid average class salary until they got the desired job.

(11). Libya had no external debt – U$150 billion reserves are now held, including investments in foreign banks.

(12). Part of every oil sale was directly credited to each citizen's account.

(13). Giving birth mother received $5,000.00.

(14). 25% of Libya's population is higher education.

(15). Kadafi built the GMMR (The Great Artificial River) project, transporting water from the underground sheets of the Nile River to cities and agriculture, irrigating part of the desert.

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