Sunday 2 June 2024


If you ask the people of Benin and Ìgòdòmìgòdò about the origins of the Ogisos, they will say they came from the sky or from Egypt. However, if we claim that our Odùduwà came from the sky or from the East—which includes regions like East Africa, Egypt, Sudan, Ethiopia, and even Mecca—they will accuse us of falsehoods. This is why it's important not to adopt the mindset of the Ìgòdò people.

They admit that Ilé Ifẹ̀ is referred to as Uhẹ. When asked about the meaning of Uhẹ, they explain that it signifies the female sex organ, symbolizing a place of rebirth. However, this interpretation is flawed. The female sex organ represents a place of birth, not rebirth, as it cannot give rebirth but only birth. Therefore, the logical conclusion, free from the manipulation of history, is that Ilé Ifè, or Uhẹ, is the birthplace, even for the Ogisos, who originally called it Uhẹ.

In Yorùbáland, Ilé Ifẹ̀ is regarded as The Source, meaning our place of origin. An unbiased perspective reveals a clear connection between this concept and what the people of Benin mean by Uhẹ. However, their pride and egoism prevent them from acknowledging this logical correlation.

Logic will always triumph over emotion

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