Saturday 1 June 2024


The Hausa people originated from the Hausa city-states in what is now northern Nigeria and parts of Niger. They are known for their rich cultural heritage, including their language, Hausa, which is widely spoken across West Africa. Some basic qualities often associated with the Hausa people include hospitality, respect for tradition, and a strong sense of community. They also have a long history of trade and craftsmanship.

One beautiful celebrations of the Hausas is a wedding ceremony. An Hausa young lady can get married immediately after she sees her first menstruation.Hausa marriage ceremonies are typically elaborate and involve several traditional customs.

The process often begins with the parents or guardians of the bride and groom negotiating the terms of the marriage, including the bride price (mahr). Once agreed upon, the wedding ceremony itself may involve rituals such as the exchange of gifts, prayers, and the signing of a marriage contract (nikah). Festivities often include music, dancing, and feasting, with the entire community coming together to celebrate the union.

The Hausas are know for their simplicity and value for dignity. Their dishes including Miyan kukaz( Baoba soup), Miyan taushe, Masa, Danwake and more.

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