Saturday 1 June 2024


The ''Mesob'' is a colorful basket with a conical lid place on top of a hollow, tapering pedestal and serves as a small dining table in Traditional Ethiopian and Eritrean Restaurants and Homes. The 'Mesob' is a majestic cultural symbol for Ethiopia and Eritrea, and African Cuisine overall. The Mesob is made of grass that grows in the highlands, and is mixed with palm straw of different pattern and color combinations.

The grass is dried and then dyed with vibrant colors and the largest of these can take weeks to make. It's part of the whole experience of Ethiopian cultural food Gatherings. A mesob is used as a serving platter for Ethiopian Cuisine, and when you lift the lid, the delicious food is sitting inside on a platter, it can be entirely vegan/vegetarian or it can include meats. 

In the pics you can see the traditional African vegetarian dishes. Utensils are not necessary because instead of fork and spoon, you use the Injera Flat Bread rolls as your spoon. Mesobs come in many sizes, and the smaller ones are for decoration or storage and as gifts or to carry gifts for loves ones. Are you noticing that this is all plant based and bio degradable? The smallest ones are called ''mudai'' and can sit on a tabletop to hold snacks and goodies.

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