Monday 10 June 2024


Obatala, Oosa Nla (Orisa Nla), Baba Arugbo, the divine primordial entity and father of the orishas. The Yoruba creation story wouldn't be complete without Obatala and other Irunmole. Obatala was responsible for molding the first human, before Olodumare breathed life into it. Obatala embodies wisdom, truthfulness, purity, integrity, creativity, harmony and justice.

Today, Saturday, was Ose Obatala, Obatala worship day, which is every four days. Obatala priests, priestesses and devotees venerate Orisha Nla with various offerings such as a befeating goat, his favorite snail, fresh water, pigeon, hen or rooster, rat, guinea fowl, fish, shea butter, white fabric, money, gin, bitter kola, corn meal and kolanuts (preferably white, but any obi abata can be used). Please note that food for Obatala is not be cooked with palm oil, pepper or salt. Obatala initiates or those with a consecrated Obatala should squat or stand before their shrine as they feed Obatala. If you have Ifa, Obatala can be summoned before your Ifa and he will answer you. If you wish to venerate Obatala and have neither Obatala nor Ifa, leave a comment and we will explore that option in another video. 

On Ose Obatala, you can connect with Obatala through Iwure and ask for wisdom, creativity, purity, protection, healing, balance and blessings of abundance. Iwure is mostly translated as prayer, but it is more in an invoking way to bring forth the blessings and manifestation.

I give thanks to Orisa Nla for all the blessings and Ase bestowed upon me.

Eepa Orisa!

Isese a gbe wa o

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