Thursday 2 May 2024

Stop misleading people with this Benin fallacy

Oranmiyan founded Benin by liberating the Ado people (Yoruba-born by the Igodomigodo mothers) from the Igodomigodo.

(1). Benin was never an empire but a Kingdom.

(2). Ogisos never ruled in Benin, but in Igodomigodo.

(3). Benin was carved out from Igodomigodo, facilitated by the invasion of Oranmiyan into Igodomigodo.

(4). Yoruba people have been there living and farming in Igodomigodo land and intermarrying with Igodomigodo sons and daughters, forming the Yoruba-born community in Igodomigodo, later known as the Ado people (Edo).

(5). Oranmiyan and his warriors from Ule-Ufe (Ile-Ife), together with Ado people of Igodomigodo invaded Igodomigodo, but faced stiff resistance, and eventually settled in a place Oranmiyan named Iselu (place of politicking), but later corrupted to Uselu, from where he was ruling over the Ado people.

(6). Ado people became impatient, as they wanted Oranmiyan topple Ogiso Erebo. When he was unable to calm them down, he called them "people of short temperament" "eyin ara Ile Ibinu" and the name stucked on the as the people that easily give in to anger. Oranmiyan decided to leave in anger, and he left to settled in temporary in Egor where he impregnated Princess Elimide, and had Prince Owomika (Eweka).

(7). Years later, Ado youths were summoned to meeting in Ile-Ife, where they swore allegiance to overthrow Ogiso Erebo. Prince Eweka was part of this meeting and led the Ado youths back home.

(8). Ado youths returned and waged fresh war on Igodomigodo, that led to a truce known as Ekiokpagha treaty, due to divided loyalties and many casualties.

(9). A truce was called as Ogiso Erebo couldn't repatriate the integrated Yoruba-Igodomigodo children. The kingdom was divided into Ibini (Benin) and Utantan, with Eweka I becoming the àOba of Ado people of Ibini, while Utantan changed to Ogiamen.

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