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Modupe Afolabi Jemi-Alade, popularly known as Art Alade, was born in 1932. He attended CMS Grammar School in Lagos. Reflecting on his academic struggles, he mentioned in an interview, “I was a dullard and my father thought that I could be saved if I was sent abroad.” Consequently, he went to England in 1956 and attended Devon Technical College and the London School of Television Production.

Alade began his career as a musician on a cruise line, the Greek Line, and performed in various clubs in London. By 1964, upon his return to Nigeria, he joined the staff of the Nigerian Television Service, now known as NTA. He rose through the ranks to become the director of programmes in 1978 and retired in 1979. Additionally, Art Alade owned a nightclub called Art’s Place.

The Bar Beach Show was a variety show featuring interviews with entertainment stars and musical performances. The Art Alade Show, similar in format, aired around 9 or 10 AM on Sundays. A vivid memory involves coming home to the aroma of good food and watching the show while enjoying breakfast.

Art Alade's son, Darey Art Alade, has also made a name for himself as a musician.

The Bala Miller Show, another variety show, aired on NTA at 8 PM from around 1983 to 1986, produced at NTA Kaduna. Bala Miller, a popular musician with hits in the 1970s, was also a director of the Costain Club in Kaduna.

This interview with Art Alade on the Bala Miller Show included a live performance of his version of Victor Olaiya's song "Baby Jowo," which he titled "Sisi Jowo." The performance was simply amazing.

Art Alade – "Sisi Jowo" live on the Bala Miller Show in 1983. #Africa #Nigeria

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