Saturday 18 May 2024


Mali 🇲🇱, Burkina Faso 🇧🇫 and Niger🇳🇪 have all announced their withdrawal from The Economic Community Of West African States (ECOWAS). This is following their decision in December 2023 to form their own confederation. All three countries which are led by coup-born governments share anti-west ideals, and have opted to govern based on their ideologies.

The presidents of these three nations issued a statement that relayed their departure from the West African regional group Ecowas.

In the statement, they noted that the decision to leave the Economic Community of West African States “without delay” was “sovereign.”

These states, all of which were established by coups, have subsequently become the group's stepchildren, facing sanctions and ultimatums. Their rejection of Western ideals and acceptance of Russian sentiments particularly in the case of Burkina Faso, has also raised a few eye brows. What do you think?

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