Monday 20 May 2024

Remembering Vonetta McGee (January 14, 1945 – July 9, 2010)

She was an incredibly versatile and talented actress who began her career in the 1968 Italian movie "Faustina" followed by the Speghetti-Western "The Great Silence." It didn't take long for Vonetta to catch the eye of Hollywood as she appeared in several movies in the early '70s, such as "Blacula," "Melinda," "Hammer," "Shaft in Africa," "Detroit 9000," "Thomasine & Bushrod," "and "The Eiger Sanctions," all between 1972 and 1975.

Her career continued throughout the '70s and '80s when she starred in TV movies and shows, including the "Busting Loose" series from 1987 to '88. Into the '90s, she appeared in the excellent Charles Burnett film, "To Sleep with Anger," in which she displayed her elegance and class as usual. McGee's last credit was 2007 in the movie "Black August," ending her career with 42 acting credits.

McGee had some meaningful roles, and her graceful look masked a passionate and commanding side of her acting skills that immediately captivated you. If you still need to watch her act, please check out some of the movies mentioned.

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