Thursday 30 May 2024

Did you know?

What you are looking is not just a snake, but a special snake called the Black Mamba.

The Black Mamba snake is highly venomous. Highly highly venomous that in 10 minutes, any human or animal bitten may not survive it. Its venom sends shock into the bloodstream and then paralyzes the body.

The black mamba is highly venomous that if it bites another snake, the snake will die.

It hardly attacks human and will fight only when threatened. It Speeds at 20 km/h. Black Mamba is 14 feet in size—That’s like placing two tall men together in length.

Black Mambas are carnivorous—they feed mostly on birds, small mammals like rodents, bats, and bushbabies. They generally prefer warm-blooded prey but will also consume other snakes.

Black mamba are shy snakes. Their Life span is 11 years. Black Mambas are in Nigeria.

Bonus: Since Black Mambas rarely bite humans, and you are wondering what snake kllls human the most, The snake is called ‘saw-scaled viper’. Saw-scaled viper. Arguably, it has the deadliest venom.

However, The mongooses are known to be animal predators that kills the Black Mamba, Saw-scaled viper, cobra easily,tearing them apart.

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