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Contrary to records of history studied today, the Gikuyu community just like most tribes of Kush existed more than 3000 B.C and thus the history of the Gikuyu may go way before Egyptians discovered writing.

As described in various records most of which were erased from African history, the Gikuyu traveled across kush (Alkebulan/Afrika) in different times under different names. For instance there are records of the community referring to itself as Kabiru. These Kabiru people are said to have lived as mercenaries who were hired to fight by communities traveling up north including semites moving from Egypt. There are records of the existence of Kabiru people in Semitic history which is recorded as Khabiru in Hebrew. A black community of warriors.

The Kabiru would later travel southwards from Egypt in what seems like escape from war or crisis and settled around Mt Kirinyaga where they assimilated smaller tribes and renamed themselves Gikuyu. 

There are Gikuyu narratives that claim that Gikuyu (founder of Gikuyu nation) came together with his brothers Meru and Embu. There are scholars of Eastern theology who claim the existence of the ark of covenant on Mt Kenya (a subject to be studied).

If indeed the ark is hidden on the mountain then it could be true that the Gikuyu (founder) ran southwards after acquiring the ark remember they were mercenaries and hid it atop the mountain. It could also explain the changing of name from Kabiru to Gikuyu to hide their identity.

Also, there are scholars and Gikuyu historians who refer to Gikuyu, Meru and Embu (the three brothers) as the sons of a king in the north specifically in Habesh (Abaci in Gikuyu language) which is modern day North of Ethiopia. These historians say these brothers ran after crisis broke out in the ruling house and thus they took with them an important symbol.

There are various twists, however the bottom line is, the Gikuyu migrated from Ethiopia and by large Misri and not congo as modern history claims. #Africa

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