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D.O. Fagunwa was born in 1903 or c. 1910, Okeigbo, Ondo state. A Yoruba man from southwest Nigeria. He died December 9, 1963, near Bida. He was a Yoruba chief and educator whose series of fantastical novels made him one of Nigeria’s most celebrated writers.

Fagunwa’s first novel, "Ogboju Ode Ninu Igbo Irunmale" (1938; "The Forest of a Thousand Daemons"), was the pioneering full-length novel published in the Yoruba language. His subsequent works include "Igbo Olodumare" ("The Forest of God") published in 1949, "Ireke Onibudo" (1949; "The Sugarcane of the Guardian"), "Irinkerindo Ninu Igbo Elegbeje" (1954; "Wanderings in the Forest of Elegbeje"), and "Adiitu Olodumare" (1961; "The Secret of the Almighty"). Besides these novels, Fagunwa also authored several short stories and two travel books, solidifying his influence in Nigerian literature.

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