Tuesday 21 May 2024


Orompoto was the first female Alaafin in the history of yoruba. She became the Alaafin (between the year 1554 - 1562) after the early death of his brother, Prince Eguguoju, who was next in line to the throne. Her younger brothers, Prince Ajiboyede and Prince Tella couldn't take the throne because they were very young. 

It is said that Orompoto proved herself worthy to be an Alaafin after she was asked by the chiefs and elders to prove her masculinity. She pulled her trousers and the elders saw she had not only a scrotum, but also a penis.

She was crowned and became the first female Alaafin. 

She was fierce in battle and skilful on horseback. She sacked the Nupe warriors from the yoruba land.

She fought many wars and proved herself in battle.

She died in battle, becoming one of the few Alaafins to die in battle.


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