Thursday 16 May 2024

The East Saharan Ancestors of the Old Kingdom

Nabta Playa provides crucial insights into the origins of the people who built predynastic Egypt and the Old Kingdom. The Late Neolithic megalithic structures found there suggest a sophisticated society with advanced knowledge of astronomy and agriculture. These structures, including alignments of megaliths and stone circles, demonstrate a deep understanding of celestial events, such as solstices and equinoxes, likely used for agricultural and religious purposes. This indicates a settled and organized community capable of large-scale construction projects and complex social organization. The presence of such advanced knowledge and organization at Nabta Playa suggests that the people who built predynastic Egypt and the Old Kingdom likely inherited or were influenced by the traditions and practices of earlier societies in the region, including those at Nabta Playa.

Malville, Wendorf, Mazar, and Schild 

1998 NATURE 292:488-491 2 April 1998.

Wendorf and Schild.

1998 "Nabta Playa and its role in Northeastern African Prehistory" JOUR. OF ANTHROPOLOGICAL ARCHAEOLOGY 17:97-123.

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