Thursday 30 May 2024

Dahomey Amazons attack on Abeokuta and Abeokuta's revenge

In Egba history, some people fought bravely for Abeokuta. They defended the city with their lives. During a battle with Dahomey, Dahomey warriors climbed over dead bodies of their comrades and attacked relentlessly. The Egba warriors were surprised by their strength and determination. They thought these warriors might not be normal humans.

At that time, Egba warriors had a brutal custom. They would cut off the heads and genitals of their first captive and send them to their leader, the Alake, as trophies. But when they sent trophies to the Alake after a battle, they discovered they had been fighting against women.

The Alake and Egba warriors were embarrassed that they had been fighting women. So, they planned a more aggressive strategy to push back the Amazons. After three days, they finally drove the Dahomey army away.

The Dahomeans left many dead behind than the captives they took. This victory was a relief for the Egba warriors and the Alake.

But the Amazons didn't give up. They invaded Abeokuta again in 1864. This time, the Egba side was better prepared with stronger weapons and strategies. However, they still suffered some loses.

A year later, Balogun John Okenla avenged Abeokuta by invading Dahomey. He sought revenge for the attacks in 1851 and 1864.

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