Thursday 2 May 2024

Usen: A Historic Yoruba Town in Edo State

Usen has a rich history dating back to the 10th century when it was established as a farmstead by migrants from Ufe (Ile-Ife), led by the visionary leader Oyebo. This pioneering group laid the foundation for a thriving community that would later become a significant hub for the Yoruba people in Edo State.

The First Ruler and Royal Heritage:

Prince Afelogiyan, an elder brother of the renowned Prince Oranmiyan, was the first crowned ruler of Usen. Both princes were descendants of Oduduwa, the revered Olofen in Ife (Uhe) and played a crucial role in shaping the history of the region. Prince Oranmiyan went on to found the current dynasty of Edo kings, while Prince Afelogiyan established the royal lineage in Usen.

The Original Settlement and Mythical Stream:

The original farmstead founded by Oyebo is now located in the Odomukpe quarters of the town. According to local legend, Prince Afelogiyan discovered a mystical stream called Eri Ode (Hunter's stream) during one of his hunting expeditions. This stream is believed to possess spiritual properties and is deeply revered by the people of Usen.

European Accounts and Present-Day Leadership:

In 1897, British officer Major Roupell noted that the region was predominantly Yoruba, both in culture and language. Today, the Usen community is led by Oba Oluogbe II, the Olu Awure (Elawure) of Usen, who resides in the Aghofen (Aafin) or royal palace, upholding the traditions and heritage of his ancestors.

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