Thursday 2 May 2024


The Yoruba Nation has reclaimed its rightful place as the custodian of its own history, shattering the chains of distorted narratives and fabricated accounts from the lost children. Our cities, towns, and villages stand united in our shared heritage, proudly tracing our roots back to the great Oduduwa, the progenitor of the Yoruba people. From the ancient kingdom of Ife, the cradle of Yoruba civilization, to the mighty Oyo Empire, our history is replete with tales of valor, wisdom, and resilience.

Whether we are known as Lakumi, Lucumi, Olukumi, Luku, Aku,  Creole, Akun, Okun, Nago, Anago, Ewe or Fon, our identity remains unwavering. We are the descendants of a proud people who built sprawling cities, harnessed the power of the gods, and cultivated a rich culture that has endured for centuries. Across geographical boundaries, we stand tall as Omoluabi, Omo alade, Ogo adulawo, Omo Odu to da iwa - bearers of the sacred essence of existence, the embodiment of character and moral excellence.

Our history is etched in the walls of our palaces, our art, our music, and our stories. We are the keepers of a legacy that has shaped the very fabric of our existence. We are the Yoruba people, proud and unapologetic in our rich cultural heritage and our unwavering sense of self.

Proudly Yoruba 

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