Sunday 6 August 2023

TRIBUTE TO ROBERT MUGABE (21-02-1924 to 06-09-2019)

One of the greatest anti imperialistic quote of Robert Mugabe was " Keep your England and I will keep my little Zimbabwe".

Growing up in a modest christain Orthdox home where I was lucky to have basic Access to Eurocentric African history books where the story and history of black Africans were written through European lenses in order to suit European narrative of what and who Africa should be, impacted a form of false knowledge of African history on me.

I read in many books how terrible and draconic Robert MUGABE was. I watched daily on CNN and BBC news correspondence on how Mugabe was a dictator and a shame to humanity. I believed them until I started reading Afrocentric historical books which depicted Robert Mugabe as a pure African revolutionary who destroyed Apartheid and colonial structures in Zimbabwe.

Robert Mugabe was jailed, beaten and tortured for Fighting against Apartheid government in Zimbabwe by the White minority rulers.

Mugabe changed the name of his country from Rhodesia into Zimbabwe. Cecil Rhodes was the name of the British man who committed many crimes against humanity in Southern Africa because of his quest for material benefits and mineral resources embedded in the soil of South African nations. To make matters worse, the British and the white minority settlers renamed Zimbabwe as Rhodesia after this man.

Robert Mugabe was an African revolutionary and a complete freedom fighter. He was an Afromarxist. He nationalised all the white owned multi national corporations in Zimbabwe and returned the lands in Zimbabwe back to the blacks. 

The Queen of England removed the knighthood she bestowed on Mugabe because of his pro African policies but Mugabe was ready to sacrifice his personal Glory for the benefits of his people. Zimbabwe was economically sanctioned in order to paint Mugabe as a failure. Yet, the true legacies of Mugabe lives forever.

Rest in peace, Robert Mugabe!

Aare Kurunmi Kakanfo

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