Wednesday 2 August 2023


When only old Carthage was considered Africa. When Arabia was considered a part of Cushitic Peninsula and the Red Sea was an inland Lake. Way before the Warrior Chief Shaka Zulu was betrayed by his brother and the Caucasian renamed the cape South Africa. 

When the Atlantic Ocean was known as the Ethiopian Sea and the Indian Ocean was the Eritrean Sea. During the Ghana, Mali, before Songhai Empire when The Entire Sahara was the West Sudan, and modern-day Sudan was ancient Nubia. Before Mongol-Turkic people renamed Mur'akush, Morocco; and the entire West Africa, from the Sahel across the saharan-desert sands to the Mediterranean Sea was Mauritania.

Also remember when today Arabia was part of today Africa in map.

Remember, When Western Europe was ruled by Black Nobility and Spain was known as al-Andalusia. When Tanzania was Zimbabwe, and Eritrea and Somalia was the unified Land of Punt, before Abyssinia was Aksum! The MotherLand is an Ether Utopia and was internationally known as Ethiopia. We taught the Greeks Earth, Ether, Ethics, and Ethiopian as a Mentality. According to the Nature of the Etymology, dignity of the Title, and Antiquity of the mm, Ethiopia is the last (known and respected) International Name of the Mother Land as a whole.

Africa is a colonial term, just as much as Negro is. They've turned Your World Upside Down. Know Thyself.

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