Wednesday 9 August 2023

Religious war or Economic war?

Religious war as it sound is a prank to deceive the ignorant mind and seek sympathy supports to prepared them to defend economic interest and not religion as presented. In the history of the world all war tagged as religious ended up being political power or economic war. The practical example are the jihadists of mecca, north Africa. They end up taken over the control of economic and political affair of the region. 

People who are aggressively defending their source of income cannot be referred to as jihadists or engage in religious war. In my right mind anything religious should also be spiritual. Religious war then became a scam when it can be tagged " spiritual war" spiritual war are fought and sponsored by spiritualists and not politician or hooligans. 

Any misunderstanding or act of intolerance that may arouse among any faith based hood out of court of competent jurisdiction is illegal and may not be count as religious war but a crime against the land. Religious war is a scam. If you are fighting for what is spiritual fight it in the spiritual arena and not in the physical realm. Enough of this mouth propelled missiles. 

Spiritual arena are regulated by the spirits and not human. Empty barrel makes noise. Everyone of the faith based organizations have the best options to battle out their assumed differences in court or at the spiritual arena. Enough of the noise. No part of Africa is ready for any war now but those hiding under spirituality to make economic gains at the advantage of others will be plagued. Any hood they may belong. We are free to make economic gains but not at the expenses of the fools.

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