Friday 11 August 2023

Poverty Never Existed In Africa

When I tell people that poverty never existed in Africa, they don't believe it. But, poverty never existed in Africa. Why? Our African system was simple. Nobody owned the land, but everybody used the land. Nobody owned the rivers, the oceans, but everybody used them. To be poor, first you need someone to tell you that you are not allowed to use the things you need to survive. That's the nature of poverty. That's the nature of capitalism. When white people came to Africa, they brought capitalism. Capitalism is a system where poverty needs to exist so that 1% of the society becomes rich. There would be no billionaires without poverty. No millionaires. All rich people benefit from the collective poverty of the many.

In Europe, UBUNTU never existed and it will never exist. It was never a reality, concept or point of departure. So when they came to Africa, they were shocked to see that nobody had papers for land. Nobody had a title deed. Nobody was collecting rent. To them that never made sense because where they came from, poverty is and was a normal thing. That is why in 1913, the South African Government (Them) decided to take all the land from blacks. So that our people can experience poverty and run to "Them" for work. 110 years later and that system is still running. Poverty is man made in Africa. God gave Africa all the resources it needs.

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