Thursday 10 August 2023


• Biafra is a country that existed in West Africa.

• It is the first African country to build and successfully launch a rocket system.

• It was the first African country to build a submarine.

• It had the fastest growing economy at 40% per annum.

• It is one of the only regions in Africa to have a pyramid (at Nsude).

• It was the only country in the world to invest 45% of it's economy into education.

• During the Nigeria/Biafra war, 3.5 million people lost their lives, mainly due to starvation.

• Nsibidi of Biafra, is one of the oldest writing systems in the world.

• Biafra is home to one of the oldest civilization on Earth, the Igbo civilization.

• The oldest iron smelting site in the world is located in Biafra (Nsukka).

• The Biafran pound remains the only African country to withstand Western sanctions and didn't loose value.

• During the civil war, Biafra had cars that were powered by palm oil.

Via Andrew Wilson

๐Ÿ“ธ: Biafra flag

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