Wednesday 23 March 2022

The last Yoruba King in République du Bénin (formerly Dahomey)

A legacy of Anglo–French Partition in West Africa, the kingdom of Shabè, Savé in Bénin Republic maintains it's heritage with Ile-Ife.

This is as described in 'The House of Oduduwa: An Archaeological Study of Economy and Kingship in the Savè Hills of West Africa' the 2015 Ph.D dissertation of Andrew W. Gurstell. The author also explores the relationship between Ile-Ife and Benin from a historical perspective.

Photo of Akikenju Oba Adétutu Akinmu, King of Shabè, Savé, wife and mother circa 2013 by Alfred Weidinger from Flickr

The King, Oba Adétutu chronicles the activities of his kingdom at

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