Wednesday 30 March 2022


Throughout history, people have used the name of God and religion for different ends and reasons. The story of the "Children of God" is one of the best historical lessons that serves as a good example.

The "Children of God Church" or officially "Family International" was a supposed church established by David Berg in 1968.

The Children of God Church preached Jesus and also promiscuous s!ex.

Women in the church have the responsibilities of going out for evangelism. But their type of evangelism was a bizarre one.

They used the Bible and sermons to evangelize and they also used se!x. To bring in new members to the "church" and make them "Christians", the women lure men into the church through casual sex. Female members of the "church" successfully lured over 100,000 men into their so-called church.

This practice of evangelism through casual sex, was based on a philosophy called the Law of Love. The idea behind the Law of Love is that, people should be willing to give their body freely to anybody as a way of showing their great love for God.  

Later when the story of rape, kidnapping, child abuse, incest and other cringe-worthy stories started making the rounds from the Children of God, the FBI declared that the Children of God was not a church, but a cult.

In connection with Interpol, the FBI got to work in shutting down the cult and also incarcerating its leader. But the leader, David Berg, was on the run.

Government investigation into the cult ended when David died in 1994. The cult also crumbled afterwards.

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