Friday 11 March 2022


The Adamu Orisa Play is a traditional play of Lagos. It is a display and dance festival held as the last funeral rites in honour and recognition of a departed Oba, Chief or prominent Lagosian who had contributed to the well being and development of the community and to the people of Lagos.

The history of the Adamu Orisha Play of Eko also known as the Eyo Festival started on the 20th of February 1854 when it was held in honour of the then Oba of Lagos, Oba Akitoye, and later on followed by the one held in respect of Olori Ekunremi (Mother of Oba Dosumu) on the 13th of April 1875..

A double celebration festival was held for Sir Kitoyi Ajasa and Herbert Macaulay on the 7th of January 1961.

A total of 83 Eyo Festivals has been conducted since its inception 164 years ago.

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