Tuesday 8 March 2022


The name is alien to my people, the people of rich soil but, after all, given by Arabs after discovering the people of the Richland. Who discovered one another first is a question that needs answer.

The Name Africa is Arabic in nature. They wrote "c" instead of "k" to merge two sounds in one symbol.

The "a" at the end is should be pronounced like "ọ" in yorùbá and the "c" should be pronounced like "q" in English. It is both Q and Ọ that are kept in C.

Phonetically, you see "ọ" is written like "c" facing left.

Therefore, in our decolonizing movement, this is one of the things we need to change. Though it means nothing bad.

Note: The "a" after "q" is pronounced "ọ like in God. 

Oríadé Ìpọ̀sọ́lá Ajétẹ̀lú (Shittu Abdullahi Fọwẹ́wẹ́)

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