Sunday 20 March 2022


Ekiti State woman, Mrs Tola Ajayi who clocked 80 years recently,  was the first known  Nigerian to have slapped  the wife of a State Governor. In her case, she didn't slap the wife of an outgoing Governor, she gave double hot slaps to the wife of a sitting Military Governor.

This occurred when Ekiti was part of the old Ondo State and Bode George was the Military Governor. Mrs Tola Ajayi, a thorough bred extremely beautiful wife of a Judge was in the entourage of the First Lady- Feyi George. There was a little disagreement and Feyi George slapped Tola Ajayi publicly. Mrs Ajayi responded instantly with a multiple of slaps on the First Lady's robust cheeks. Mrs Ajayi's husband, a serving Judge later said he would have sent his wife packing if she didn't return the slap. The Governor quietly settled the matter with the Ajayis knowing the kind of woman she married. Feyi and her husband separated shortly after they left the Government house. Mrs Tola Ajayi is an indigene of Ikole Ekiti.

By Rasaki Ojo Bakare 

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