Thursday 31 March 2022


Presidential aspirants and other political gladiators misleading you to believe 2023 general elections will resolve ethnic cleansing, genocide and siege in the Northern, Eastern and Western parts of Nigeria respectively are your enemies. The bloodletting and insecurity of lives and property that envelope the entire Nigeria state must be addressed now, the state of anarchy cannot be wishfully resolved by 2023 presidency to the Southern part of the country.

To realise their morbid political aspirations, power gladiators kept quiet, look the other way and pretended nothing is happening or that they have solutions to the multifaceted problems when they get to power. We cannot and should not continue to be pawns in their political chessboard, their focus is to realise their ambition for self actualisation, their vision is greed and their mission is to loot the treasury to accumulate more wealth while we continue to groan in hunger, want, destitution, poverty and insecurity of our lives and loss of our meagre property.

They have ensured that the children of nobody will never become somebody politically, yet we sing their praise, promote their interests. We fight, maim and kill ourselves for these selfish few to realise their political aspirations for them to loot our collective patrimony. While they close ranks to achieve their exploitative and opportunistic economic interests, we remain eternal enemies. Our agony is their pleasure, our mourning is their delight, our tears is their joy.

In as much as trade union movement have failed to lead our fight, our resistance and our struggle to be free from the exploitative and dictatorial class, we cannot continue to lament in despair, we must take our destiny in our hands. We have to sensitise ourselves, be mobilised and organised,  we must be willing, ready and prepared to say enough is enough to the oppression of thieves in the corridors of power.

We are where we are today because we are blinded by loyalty to our oppressors and moneybags enterprises called political parties. We defend their oppression, we justify their extortion and exploitation, we passionately find excuses for their mis-governance, ineptitude and the terror they daily unleash on us.We are the promoters and chief campaigners of the same irresponsive and irresponsible politicians that spoiled, ruin and brought Nigeria to the precipice of disintegration.

The APC that promised change gave us pains. A party that articulated restructuring of the polity now sing a new song of denial, of not understanding what restructuring is all about.  The hypocrisy of Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu and the pretence of Professor Yomi Osinbajo with the way they jettisoned the clamour for a restructured Nigeria, are dangerous signals that they cannot and should not be trusted with power as  they will make a worse President than BUHARI nepotistic dictatorship. Kayode Fayemi, Amosun and others from the Yoruba country jostling for president are similar treacherous jokers. They are all political merchants that have willingly traded the collective aspirations of the Yoruba to realise self.

Ignoramus are talking of Yoruba best opportunity to take over governance from Buhari's misrule, they daily abuse our minds that the opportunity must not be frittered away. Those who disagree with their masters ill-infotmed agenda for self actualisation are accused of being disloyal and labeled betrayers. Whereas the real traitors and most treacherous are Tinubu, members of his political dynasty whether estranged or not, some holding ministerial positions including principal officers of the national assembly.

Of what significant benefits has Osinbajo, Vice Presidency being to the Yoruba, not to talk of the Hushpuppi friend, Hakeem Gbajabiamila as the Speaker, House of Representatives. They are all serving their narrow clique interest at the expense of the Yoruba majority.

A Yoruba presidency will only serve individuals and their cronies interest. What the Yoruba wants in the failed British economic enterprise - Nigeria is to negotiate our continuous existence  with other indigenous ethnic nationalities in the country. And not an illusory presidency of a country in a state of anomie.

Patriots like Omoyele Sowore and a few others call for Revolution Now fell on deaf ears, and if we can't save Nigeria by finding it anew, it is better to actualise a sovereign Yoruba Nation. It may be your personal choice to live in Nigeria as a second class citizen and be enslaved to the bestial Fulani hegemony. We also have a choice to resist being killed without provocation, our women being raped, our farmlands being burned and destroyed, and our ancestral land being taken over by the hegemons.

As far as we are concerned, since the call to restructure Nigeria is not palatable to the beneficiaries of the failed Nigeria state, we are calling for a Referendum on or before 2023 and not ELECTIONS !

If those misleading our people with the bait of a 2023 presidency are so popular, why can't they test their popularity in a Referendum to be supervised by the UN, and see whether the Yoruba will vote for their Self determination and social emancipation or the continuous existence with others in a moribund Nigeria state where the Fulani are Lord's of manor.

We are tired of our schools being under lock and key, we are tired of outrageous NEPA bills with no light, we are tired of no food, no water, exhorbitant price of fuel and gas, hunger, mass poverty and insecurity of lives and property. To those who believe in our agitation for Referendum and shared our quest for nationhood, the despots in power will not oblige our demand. We must struggle and fight for it, as power is never given to a people on a platter of gold, but it is fought for and won. We are convince of victory, as a United and Determined people can never be defeated. We say, DARE TO STRUGGLE, DARE TO WIN!

Comrade Wale Balogun

National Coordinator, Yoruba Revolutionary Movement (YOREM)

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