Saturday 5 March 2022

The Challenges of Motherhood

"After having a child, I realized that in the eyes of society mothers can't:

- Complain (who told you to have kids?).

- Cry (why are you crying? Did you think it was easy?).

- Getting tired of what? (you do nothing!).

- Sleep (You're lazy!).

- Rest (you'll have plenty of time for that after they grow up).

- Getting pregnant again (are you crazy? How many more kids do you want?).

- Quitting work (how will you support your child?).

By Anonymous Mother

- Work (who will take care of the child?).

- Leave them at the nursery (Don’t let others raise them!!).

- Being a housewife (Poor husband, works too hard and his wife stays at home!!).

- Being single (nobody wants a woman with kids).

- Going out for fun (why are you leaving your son with grandma to have fun?)

And you know what's worse???

90% of these phrases are spoken by other women.

Let's learn to be more supportive of each other. I'm human and I love my kids but I'm guilty of all these emotions at some point".

By Anonymous Mother

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